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Mivan and exploration yacht interior fit-outs

James Gilmore and Titch Blachford discuss Mivan's expansion into exploration

04 Aug 2021

One to One: Toby Allies

Toby Allies, joint managing director at Pendennis, discusses the future of UK excellence

04 Aug 2021

Monaco Yacht Show announces first exhibitor list

An early analysis of the yachts on display at the 2021 MYS

02 Aug 2021

Inmarsat announces Orchestra communications network

Ronald Spithout, President of Inmarsat Maritime, joins SuperyachtNews to discuss integration and augmentation

30 Jul 2021

Marine Results International SL announces LEEA certification

Lockie Steward-Baker, of Marine Results International SL, discusses the need to lift standards

27 Jul 2021

A race to the bottom

Mainstream media coverage of yachting is getting worse, but we don't have to stay complicit

23 Jul 2021

Bioblu releases first concept - Project BIO

Matt Morley and Paolo Bonaveri, co-founders of Bioblu, discuss sustainable superyacht lifecycles

17 Jul 2021

Weird Science

There is more to effective science on a superyacht than simply participating

13 Jul 2021

One to One: Pier Posthuma de Boer

Pier Posthuma de Boer, director of Feadship Refit and Services, on changing the game for refit

08 Jul 2021

Hurricane season 2021 breaks new records

SuperyachtNews speaks with Adrian McCourt, group chief engineer at Munich RE McCourt

07 Jul 2021

Azipod propulsion and toe angle optimisation

ABB develops a digital solution to drive efficiency

06 Jul 2021

The endless summer

What is the cost of all this time in the sun?

02 Jul 2021

Project Fury gives it back

Why are we scared of the beam anyway? 

01 Jul 2021

Turquoise launches 74m NB66

A positive year for the Turkish shipyard continues

28 Jun 2021

EYOS announces Iceland expedition

Ben Lyons, EYOS Expeditions CEO, discusses Iceland, exploration, and single cabin chartering

18 Jun 2021

The Balearic Islands and the future of the Mediterranean

The Balearic Yacht Show looks ahead in the Med

14 Jun 2021

Mangusta launches first Oceano 50

The new flagship displacement superyacht debuts in Viareggio

10 Jun 2021

Water Revolution Foundation launches first endorsed marine conservation project

A superyacht community crowdfunding campaign to protect the oceans

08 Jun 2021

One to One: Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan, director of marketing and business development at Fraser, joins Rory Jackson

04 Jun 2021

The carbon trap

A quick lesson for superyachts from the airline industry

26 May 2021

Gulf Craft announces launch of Majesty 175

The world's largest composite superyacht debuts in Dubai

24 May 2021

It's raining cats and cats

How scaleable are the zero-emission multihull concepts?

24 May 2021

Show me the worklist

Dani Puig, CEO of Yacht Work List, discusses the development of a new digital platform for worklist management

19 May 2021

Feadship celebrates launch of 95m Bliss 

The Makkum yard debuts this polar certified hybrid

18 May 2021

The Italian Sea Group announces high-profile backing for IPO

Armani SpA and Alychlo NV to invest separately

18 May 2021

14 May 2021

What is the true cost of setting the anchor?

A war is taking place on the seafloor between anchor chain and coral reef, and the chain is winning

12 May 2021

Miracle agents

Tahiti Ocean on meeting the demands of the fleet in Tahiti during the Covid-hit 2020 season

10 May 2021

IGY Málaga makes a welcome addition to the marina network

IGY's newest marina development may change the formula for superyachts in the Mediterranean

06 May 2021

Is on board office work really getting more efficient?

Operations Editor Jack Hogan is not sure the reality on board matches the promised productivity

30 Apr 2021

Connectivity considerations in the Pacific

Carlos Carbajal, CEO of OmniAccess, discusses the key challenges some superyachts may overlook

28 Apr 2021

Innovation and running the Red Queen's race

We introduce the Innov:8 series of video interviews

08 Mar 2021

Quantum Stabilizers and the art of innovation

Stability is no longer a luxury on board, it is an absolute necessity

05 Mar 2021

Magenta Partners invests in Voly Ltd

The investment underlines Magenta’s approach of backing high-growth, niche businesses

01 Mar 2021

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If you are new to yachting have you heard of the MLC?

A useful summary of what the MLC is and who it applies to.

Superyacht community sees 40% increase in need for medical support

MedAire, the leading medical assistance, safety and security organisation has revealed a 40% increase in use of its MedLink service between 2019 and 2020. The service, dedicated entirely to the superyacht community, provides crew and guests with direct ac

Sarnia Yachts Adds New Family Office Division

Yachts are often described by the Family Offices we work with as assets that take up a disproportionate amount of their time. Sarnia Yachts has a unique combination of knowledge and many years of experience in this niche asset class enabling us to support

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