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Image for Huisfit’s efficient evolution

Huisfit’s efficient evolution

Stefan Coronel, manager Huisfit at Royal Huisman, on the yard’s position in the refit world and lessons that can be learned from its hybrid projects


Image for The refits of tomorrow

The refits of tomorrow

As advanced technologies continue to disrupt the industry, today’s shipyards are leveraging these tools to unlock more customisation  


Image for Hydrogen’s hurdles

Hydrogen’s hurdles

Hydrogen might seem like the ideal fuel for the decarbonisation journey, but in reality, several hurdles hinder its implementation…


Image for Corporate sustainability jargon busting

Corporate sustainability jargon busting

As more requirements come into effect that will directly affect the corporate world, we explain pertinent sustainability-focused terms…


Image for Refitting for the inevitable future

Refitting for the inevitable future

Feadship’s Pier Posthuma de Boer and Giedo Loeff discuss the pathways to the decarbonisation of the existing superyacht fleet…


Image for Are we on the brink of the nuclear option?

Are we on the brink of the nuclear option?

This year's Superyacht Forum saw a lively and fruitful discussion on the use of nuclear power in yachting…


Image for Cracking the YETI code

Cracking the YETI code

Water Revolution Foundation’s Yacht Environment Transparency Index and its scoring system to monitor a vessel’s environmental footprint…


Image for FarSounder and SeaKeepers partner in ocean science

FarSounder and SeaKeepers partner in ocean science

The International SeaKeepers Society and FarSounder announce strategic alliance…


Image for  Can AI teach a computer to sail?

Can AI teach a computer to sail?

The Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) releases the initial results from its innovative machine learning programme…


Image for MAN announces dual-fuel 175D

MAN announces dual-fuel 175D

Dual-Fuel Methanol MAN 175D in the works with newbuild and retrofit variants planned for 2026…


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