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Image for Hydrogen year zero starts

Hydrogen year zero starts

A look at the different technologies built into Feadship’s Project 821 and Sanlorenzo’s Almax, both powered by hydrogen while using distinct approac


Image for The next generation

The next generation

Dario Schiavo speaks with Luigi Foresti, the CEO of Mase Generators, to learn more about the company and its evolution.


Image for The F45 – Quantum’s Electric/Hydraulic Hybrid Power System

The F45 – Quantum’s Electric/Hydraulic Hybrid Power System

In support of the eco-friendly movement and a more sustainable future for yachting, Quantum introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in powering stabilisers…

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Image for Ultrasonic biofouling protection

Ultrasonic biofouling protection

Dr Sasha Heriot, product development business manager at Cathelco, outlines the environmental significance of biofouling management in superyacht operations…


Image for YETI: Five Years On

YETI: Five Years On

Feadship reflects on five years of Water Revolution Foundation’s transformative Yacht Environmental Transparency Index tool…


Image for  MB92 Group and Pinmar collaborate to tackle plastic waste

MB92 Group and Pinmar collaborate to tackle plastic waste

Acting on goals set in their sustainability reports, MB92 Group and Pinmar have created their own recycling capability…


Image for The refits of tomorrow

The refits of tomorrow

As advanced technologies continue to disrupt the industry, today’s shipyards are leveraging these tools to unlock more customisation  


Image for Hydrogen’s hurdles

Hydrogen’s hurdles

Hydrogen might seem like the ideal fuel for the decarbonisation journey, but in reality, several hurdles hinder its implementation…


Image for Huisfit’s efficient evolution

Huisfit’s efficient evolution

Stefan Coronel, manager Huisfit at Royal Huisman, on the yard’s position in the refit world and lessons that can be learned from its hybrid projects…


Image for Corporate sustainability jargon busting

Corporate sustainability jargon busting

As more requirements come into effect that will directly affect the corporate world, we explain pertinent sustainability-focused terms…


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