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Powering the Future: Caterpillar Superyacht Systems

Caterpillar Inc. has improved what is expected from reliable and future-proofed superyacht power generation…

At the forefront of marine engine technology, Caterpillar Marine has once again expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its highly anticipated Cat ®C32B engine. An evolution of the reliable C32 platform, the C32B is already gaining attention within the industry.

One of the most powerful 12-cylinder engines on the market, the C32B is a next-generation, high-power density V12 that is more compact, quieter and adapted for emissions regulations. Built on a proven platform, vessels powered with the C32B will be able to cruise in many of the growing number of emissions-controlled areas.

The C32B marine engine is certified to all the major emissions requirements, including EPA Tier 3 recreational, IMO II, RCD II, China II, as well as IMO III. Caterpillar also provides a certified factory SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduc-tion) system for vessels that require IMO III; this system can then be switched off when in international waters and only IMO II is needed.

The connection with the bridge is vital, and the Cat MPC100 and MPC300 engine control units are designed to seamlessly integrate with Cat engines such as the C32B. Applicable for multiple powertrain configurations, it supports all electronically controlled Cat propulsion engines.

Cat MPC 100

Along with both visual and haptic feedback, the Cat MPC300 solution offers innovative redundancy and automation solutions for safety-critical applications. In the case of system failure or interference, many comparable control units leave the captain with one out of two powertrains out of service; the MPC300’s redundancy steps in, allowing the captain to maintain control of both, maintaining safe helming.

The key to the continued develop-ment of the fleet will be built on the implementation of reliable and proven technologies that meet the emissions regulations. With a proven reputation for reliability, Caterpillar has taken a measured and innovative approach to evolving its superyacht power platform and control systems.

As part of this sustainability journey, Caterpillar has established seven goals to achieve by 2030, encompassing aspects of climate, the environment and safety. Caterpillar’s diverse strategy includes solutions such as lower-carbon intensity fuels, hybrid and electric drive systems, microgrids, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Caterpillar’s approach recognises that no single solution will suffice, given the broad range of products and industries it serves.

Methanol has emerged as a likely frontrunner as a future fuel in the industry’s quest for carbon neutrality. Caterpillar has already been working diligently in this space, announcing that selected Cat 3500E series marine engines will be modified to run as a dual-fuel methanol combustion engine.

“Today’s energy transition represents a significant opportunity to support customers with solutions that advance sustainable operations,” said Brad Johnson, Caterpillar Marine vice president. “For the past decade, Caterpillar has worked with customers to help them reach their sustainability goals through biodiesels such as FAME and renewable diesels like HVO, and we are taking the next step to continue supporting customers in their sustainability journey.”

By providing a range of solutions for alternative fuels and powertrain integration, Caterpillar Marine can offer pathways to support customers’ decarbonisation goals. Synonymous with reliability, Cat engines and control systems offer a future-proofed solution for the next-generation fleet. 

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Powering the Future: Caterpillar Superyacht Systems


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