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Riva launches 102’ Corsaro Super

As the brand celebrates its 180th anniversary, Riva announces the launch of a new flybridge yacht with a fresh perspective on design to ensure comfort

20 May 2022

Benetti reports orders worth over two billion euros

The Italian luxury yacht group, has reported unprecedented sales, driven by the success of their wide-ranging product portfolios and the latest models introduced  

19 May 2022

International Day for Women in Maritime

Yachting instructor, Emily Caruso, shares why the tides are turning for women choosing a career on the water

18 May 2022

7th Mediterranean Yacht Show recap

The yacht charter show was organised once again in Greece, placing the yachting industry at the centre of global attention

16 May 2022

Horizon Yachts launches FD102

The latest FD102 features a custom designed interior, built for an Australian owner

13 May 2022

U-Boat Worx reveal underwater entertainment platform submarine

The new submarine has been designed to host the most prestigious and memorable events on the planet.

12 May 2022

UKSA Mental health Awareness week

We speak with UKSA's new welfare officer, Gemma Maskell, about mental health in the superyacht industry

10 May 2022

Bering launches its biggest explorer yacht yet - the B145

The newly built B145, Heeus explorer, is launched at Bering yachts in Antalya

03 May 2022

Luxury Projects showcase 70m Benetti Alfa

The Luxury Projects architecture and design studio presents a 70m yacht built by Benetti

03 May 2022

Fraser signs Commitment Charter

Fraser is proud to be among the first to sign the Commitment Charter of the new Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting initiative

29 Apr 2022

Vitruvius Yachts unveil 52m superyacht

Vitruvius Yachts welcome newcomer yacht owners with the unveiling of a 52m custom superyacht

28 Apr 2022

Benetti launches 41m Vicious Rumour III

Vicious Rumour III is one of 18 Benetti’s from its Oasis 40m range

28 Apr 2022

Dörries Yachts to build a 100m superyacht

Dörries Yachts has signed a contract to construct a 100m-plus superyacht for an American tech-billionaire.

27 Apr 2022


SHADOWCAT, Tilberg Design of Sweden & Triton Submarines unveil SHADOWLARK Pro for the luxury tourism industry

26 Apr 2022

Rivergate Marina and Shipyard has expansion approved

Brisbane City Council has approved Rivergate Marina and Shipyard’s development application for a $200m

25 Apr 2022

Who should own what?

We explore who should set the agenda for acceptable luxury asset purchases

21 Apr 2022

Cockwells launches new version of its 9m Modular Tender

The 9m modular tender is now available as a Fast Guest Transfer Shuttle

20 Apr 2022

Nauta reveals details of 51m refit

51m Masquenada undergoes significant refit for round-the-world-trip 

12 Apr 2022

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Hill Robinson Group announces aviation partnership with LunaJets

Hill Robinson and Moravia Yachting are delighted to announce their latest luxury service partnership, identifying LunaJets as their preferred supplier for client aviation requirements. The partnership will enable the Hill Robinson Group to further enh

Advice for first-time charterers

As more people consider chartering for the first time, Moravia Yachting’s team of charter brokers offer key pieces of advice for those unfamiliar with the process of booking and organising the perfect superyacht charter. In the wake of the COVID-19

Barcelona might host the America's Sailing yacht cup in 2024

Barcelona's next challenge in terms of its global projection in terms of organising major events already has a name and a date: The American sailing yacht cup 2024 In the preparation of the candidature, which has yet to be made official, the Barcelona Glo

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