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Who should take responsibility for superyacht safety?

The industry is known for taking a back seat with regards to safety, so we speak to captains about who needs to step up.

20 May 2019

Salty sea dogs

What are the main considerations around having these furry friends on board?

11 Apr 2019

Fifth sale of 2017 for Heesen Yachts

The shipyard has announced the sale of 50m Project Boreas - Heesen's fifth sale of the year

27 Nov 2017

The post-hurricane balancing act

In proclaiming the Caribbean is up and running, we run the risk of devaluing the much-needed relief effort

23 Nov 2017

Robots and cocktails - Luxury Hospitality shows what seven-star service is all about

What really happened the night members of the superyacht industry got led away to experience a seven-star dining experience?

14 Nov 2017

Who knew there are positives to drone use?

Drone use in this industry is often met with scaremongering, but there are huge positives to the advancing technology

06 Nov 2017

Baglietto strengthens position with sale of 55m

The motoryacht puts the Italian shipyard in a stronger position for The Superyacht Annual Report: New Build

01 Nov 2017

Yacht Moments announces sale of 50m Rossinavi

The Rossinavi sale comes a month after Yacht Moments announced the sale of 63m Benetti, Project Balance

01 Nov 2017

Should yachting do away with interior training?

Training schools advocate it, others favour on-board training; where does interior training stand in today's market?

31 Oct 2017

Time to stop pointing fingers at management

Complaints about management haven't changed in recent years, but is that down to the managers, or those complaining?

26 Oct 2017

Amy Morley-Beavers: looking back

Approaching a year since the passing of one of the industry's most loved, we look at the career of Amy Morley-Beavers.

25 Oct 2017

Bluewater announces management expansion to US

Having been present in the US for a year, bluewater is expanding its European yacht-management operations to the US

20 Oct 2017

A family affair

As Amico & Co's The Italian Job begins, we hear from the chairman about its focus on family attendance

13 Oct 2017

Captains’ picks: The Superyacht Forum

With a whole focus on yacht operations, there's more at The Superyacht Forum for captains and crew than ever before

11 Oct 2017

Where are superyachts actually going?

The Superyacht Intelligence Agency is calling captains and senior crew to its survey, which will provide the industry's most in-depth migration report of its kind.

10 Oct 2017

Maritime Skills Academy and Interior Training Academy announce partnership

The new partnership means superyacht crew will have access to both interior and deck courses.

27 Sep 2017

Is now really the right time for superyacht cadetships?

Is our encouragement of cadetships only serving to bring crew into an industry where job availability is limited?

22 Sep 2017

MLC hours of work and rest: the real numbers

After receiving a superyacht captain's hours-of-work-and-rest logbook, we take a look at the figures and what's really achievable.

19 Sep 2017

Interior crew programme announced for Monaco Yacht Show

G.U.E.S.T. will offer interior workshops and has announced the Tablesetting, Cocktail & Canapé competition theme.

08 Sep 2017

The Crew Report: Monaco Yacht Show issue

What can superyacht crew find in our brand new issue? From repatriation issues to alternative career paths, it's all here.

30 Aug 2017

Does yacht management really help?

Forty per cent of senior crew aren't impressed with the technical knowledge of their management companies. What else do they think about management?

25 Aug 2017

The cadetships shaping the future of superyacht crew

A look at the cadetships on offer from the UKSA and Warsash Superyacht Academy and their respective benefits.

21 Aug 2017

Superyacht communication 101

How does 20 years of at-sea experience improve a manager's communication with the captains in their fleet?

21 Aug 2017

Tit for tat(too) and superyacht crew

Are recruitment agents on the same page as owners, or are their own preferences overshadowing those of their clients?

21 Aug 2017

Is galley design limiting superyacht chefs?

We ask why superyacht chefs are so often left with below-par galleys, and how to avoid this in future.

17 Aug 2017

Benefits of new Small Vessel CoC to superyacht engineers

The fast-track route from Second Engineer to Chief Engineer 9,000kW, and the other benefits of the Small Vessel CoCs

16 Aug 2017

Why don't superyachts accept hospitality professionals?

Interior crew would greatly benefit from land-based hospitality professionals, so why don't we accept them?

14 Aug 2017

The crew app going from strength to strength

Partner Content: Why is YACHTNEEDS Superyacht App doing so well, reaching 650,000 views in the past six months alone?

11 Aug 2017

How smaller yachts could lead to big careers

As we approach International Youth Day, we look at why a career on smaller yachts could offer crew better career experience.

11 Aug 2017

Superyacht crew: diverse or outdated?

On the face of it, the superyacht industry lacks diversity, but is more going on behind closed doors than we realise?

02 Aug 2017

Ships’ Cook Certificate – industry opinion

How is the requirement, causing much frustration among superyacht chefs, affecting the industry?

07 Jul 2017

How captain supply is changing recruitment

As captain supply outstrips demand, does the superyacht recruitment sector need to adapt?

04 Jul 2017

Purchasing superyacht tenders - the data

Data is king when it comes to purchasing, especially when part of a superyacht owner's budget, and our next project will provide the data, with your help.

19 Jun 2017

Jacob Nicol passes away two years after Kibo fall

Jacob Nicol, who fell while cleaning the 81m superyacht in May 2015, has died, according to a statement from his family.

09 Jun 2017

Should heads of department be cleaning the heads?

Why doesn't the superyacht industry model itself on other hospitality industries that separates service staff and cleaning staff?

07 Jun 2017

Is the STCW adequate for superyacht safety?

With the implementation date of the Manila Amendments behind us, we ask whether the STCW is adequate for the superyacht industry.

05 Jun 2017

An iconic yacht, an iconic career

We speak with Captain Marcel van den Houdt of 68m motoryacht Icon, to find out how and why the crew has had such a successful year.

01 Jun 2017

Yacht management: What do captains really think?

In preparation for the most in-depth yacht management report on the market, we're looking to hear from captains on what they love and hate about management. 

05 May 2017

From yacht manager to recruitment agent

If a crewmember's employment is terminated, should the superyacht's management company find that crewmember their next job?

02 May 2017

Spanish Show Season: Summary

We bring you the latest news and updates from the 2017 MYBA Charter Yacht Show in Barcelona, and the Palma Superyacht Show.

02 May 2017

Superyacht captains versus managers

How has the yacht captain-manager relationship evolved alongside the ever-changing regulatory sphere?

11 Apr 2017

Longevity: it's time for crew to do their part

There are more captains with tickets than captain positions available, but could this mean a future of that ever sought-after crew longevity?

06 Apr 2017

The Superyacht Annual Report: Data meets context

The Superyacht Annual Report: New Build delves into the performance of shipyards by region, but to get the most out of this data, context is key

20 Mar 2017

Can yacht crew refuse repatriation?

With new provisions to financially assist crew in the event of being asked to leave a superyacht, we ask what is legally required when a crewmember might not want to receive those funds.

03 Mar 2017

Regulation updates: the responsibility of the owner?

Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life, speaks to SuperyachtNews about the owner's responsibility to understand the regulation updates applicable to their superyacht.

03 Mar 2017

Cairns: The perfect superyacht home port?

The Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef has highlighted Cairns as a truly viable superyacht home port, for those vessels visiting the likes of Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand.

30 Jan 2017

Yacht managers meet in the name of safety

We met with a group of superyacht managers and asked them to share the most pertinent issues facing management. What they did say? Safety

14 Jan 2017

IGY Marinas: From Miami to the Mediterranean

Following news of One Island Park's opening in Miami Beach, we visited IGY Marinas to hear about what’s coming next for always expanding company  

14 Jan 2017

Chartering your superyacht 101

Is the superyacht industry failing to educate owners on the realities of entering the charter market?

12 Jan 2017

Superyacht 'Gene Machine' rescues crew stranded mid-Atlantic

The captain and crew of 55m superyacht Gene Machine has rescued 44ft sailing yacht Minerva following a forestay failure - the superyacht's second rescue in 2016.

12 Dec 2016

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