Ever since lockdown started, and the ‘work from home’ culture emerged, we’ve been analysing the way in which our audience has been consuming our content and it’s got me asking a few questions about the future of media, especially print.

We started the process of allowing our locked-down audience to have unlimited access to our digital magazine library, and we saw several-thousand readers click and download a wide cross-section of pdfs from the archive. This triggered a series of tests with new digital platforms, in order to create a better reader experience for tablets and phones, coupled with a plan to present more of our journalism and longform articles within our premium section of SuperyachtNews.com. This, combined with a few customised special reports, like The Italian Superyacht Cruising Report, has led to a strategic review of The Superyacht Report.

As a board director of the Water Revolution Foundation and an advocate of sustainability and doing the right thing for the planet, I’m asking myself if the process of printing, packaging and shipping magazines across the world makes sense anymore. Therefore, I’m keen to know if the industry, our audience and our clients would be concerned about, or celebrate the initiative to stop using paper, ink, packaging, air freight and postal services to deliver a heavy printed report all over the world.

We are living in the most digitally engaged world ever, partly due to the pandemic and partly due to technology and devices, so the question we have is whether you, the industry - the captains, the owners and the wide network of readers and consumers of quality journalism and trusted information-  need a printed copy of The Superyacht Report. Or would you instead be happy either consuming all our content digitally, via SuperyachtNews.com, or a digital library of The Superyacht Reports and custom and sector-specific downloadable reports.

Yes, it saves a huge amount of cost in producing and shipping magazines around the world and reduces our impact on the planet, but we need to know if you, the consumer is happy with the idea of not unwrapping your latest issue and flicking though the pages while sitting in your favourite chair. But instead, downloading several copies to your iPad and being able to carry a complete library of The Superyacht Reports with you all the time.

The cost savings will be passed on to you the reader and it will also allow us to invest in more digital content, including video and podcasts. We also feel confident that we can increase our reach and audience by forging a new generation of on-demand content.

So, with all of the above in mind, please let me know by giving your personal preference:

How do you read yours?

What is your position?

Which is your preferred means of consuming our content moving forward?


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