When done right, owning a superyacht provides quality and exclusivity of experience that no other asset class or activity can hope to match. However, while the product itself is excellent, the size, complexity and cost of the asset make for an equally complex buyer journey. Within every stage of the buyer journey, there are processes and nuances that need to be understood and actioned in order to create an overall experience that meets the buyer’s expectations. In issue 204 of The Superyacht Report, we will be inviting a spectrum of the industry’s most respected advisors to impart their own best practice and due diligence on each segment of The Buyer Journey. The result will be a comprehensive document that pools the practices of the most respected advisory minds into one report, which will become an essential reference tool for any advisory team.
Alongside this, we want the industry’s most respected designers, brokers, builders, project managers, technical experts, lawyers, tax advisors and commentators from every sector in-between to impart their own wisdom on factors to consider along the optimal buyer journey. All insight is welcomed, and we intend to showcase a broad spectrum of market views through a series of collaborative and crowd-sourced columns developed from opinions, essays and comments on any of the following categories.
If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Editorial & Intelligence Director, William Mathieson
For any superyacht project, the aim is to create a seamless buyer experience that is not only effective but also enjoyable. As a pleasure industry, there is an additional requirement to make typically commercial considerations, such as due diligence and asset management, luxurious and effective. The quality of the superyacht experience is rarely called into question, but the underlying structures and governance systems are a common cause of headaches and additional costs that, when considered from the offset, can be almost entirely mitigated through choosing the right team and making the right choices.

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