I remember a time when ‘armchair yachtsman’ was a term used to describe someone who bought a glossy yachting magazine and would sit there and dream about something they couldn’t afford.


Perhaps, due to imposed isolation, we are all becoming armchair sailors - people who love and miss the sea, who can’t access it due to flight restrictions or family lock down commitments, we are unable to walk into the club house, down the dock or bring together a group of friends or family and navigate the now-quarantined coastlines.


So, this poses a new question: what are all these armchair sailors thinking and doing? Hopefully, spending time in virtual meetings, on video calls, surfing without a board and consuming information to catch up with news and insights that may have passed them by.

We all have to admit, that pre-COVID-19, we were all hyper busy, flying around the world chasing projects, clients or managing problems, having little or no time to digest the written word.


Therefore, as a result of the pandemic, we’ve decided to allow all our users, visitors, readers and armchair yachtsmen and women who are current isolated at home or in a locked down marina, unfettered complimentary access to every aspect of our news and reporting. Both Superyachtnews.com Premium, and all digital editions of The Superyacht Report (issues 175-200) will be available to anyone and everyone to consume free of charge for the next three months - April, May and June – and longer, if the impact of isolation continues.


All our journalists, analysts and editors have been working for years, covering the market with seriously good journalism, opinion, articles and insights, and while most of us have busied ourselves up to now watching “Shawshank Redemption” for the umpteenth time, or trying to create some form of indoor health and fitness regime, perhaps this dose of mental fitness and intellectual agility will re-balance your mind.


So, feel free to click on Superyachtnews.com/Premium or SuperyachtNews.com/Library and download or read as much of our quality content as you like, with our compliments.

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