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Unfettered access for all

The Superyacht Report and SuperyachtNews Premium are now free to access throughout the COVID-19 crisis…

These are unprecedented times and, to show our support for the superyacht market, we are providing unprecedented access to all of our content. Starting today, we are making issues 175-200 of The Superyacht Report free to access until 30 June 2020 for all those who register. In addition, we are also making SuperyachtNews Premium free to access for the same period. With so many individuals in lockdown globally, as well as many businesses facing uncertain futures and trying times, we want to show our support by furnishing the entire superyacht market with as much business-critical information as we can possibly provide.

We have long held the belief that our content is worth paying for and, in that sense, nothing has changed. However, the world has changed around us and, because our passion for the industry compels us to act, we feel strongly that providing the market with unfettered access to critical content is the right course of action. Through these exceptional circumstances the market requires a unified front.

Within every issue of The Superyacht Report there is 50,000-plus words of independent journalism that has been sourced, compiled and produced by a team of journalists that has, for many years, curated the industry’s leading business- and operationally-critical information. By clicking on the new ‘Library’ tab, 25 of the latest issues of The Superyacht Report are now available to all.

The reports that are now available cover every sector of the superyacht industry, from the new-build & refit markets, to migration, tenders, corporate services, design, operations, ownership and more, as well as a number of focussed regional reports. Within every issue you will find content that covers Business, Fleet, Technology, Operations, Ownership, Design and Intelligence, with the later editions further featuring regional focusses and special reports.

At Monaco Yacht Show 2019, SuperyachtNews launched its Premium section, through which the platform’s expert journalists have been publishing articles that stand a cut above the rest. The system for registering for SuperyachtNews Premium has now been removed and the paywall, that was due to be implemented in due course, postponed until the market has weathered the storm that we now find ourselves in.

Speaking exclusively with SuperyachtNews, Johnathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess, commented: “There is a storm coming and we need to prepare ourselves to weather it. Nevertheless, when you enter a storm you know that there will be clear skies and calm waters on the other side. The market will still exist, yachts will need to be bought, sold and chartered, insured, managed and crewed.”

Tough times lie ahead, but SuperyachtNews will be with you every step of the way. We will weather this storm together.

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Unfettered access for all


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