The superyacht industry today is awash with options for the contemporary client, far more so than it has ever been. However, off-the-shelf products, for the most part, fail to satisfy the needs of even the most laissez faire client. SuperyachtNews speaks with Filippo Rossi, LYNX YACHTS’ sales and marketing manager, about the distinguishing features of the yard’s sales philosophy and process.

“It always starts with an email or call out of the blue from an unknown person in an unknown place in the world, but you are always speaking with a dreamer, a visionary client with a clear picture of what they want,” begins Rossi. “Even though the market offers a great deal to clients today, sometimes it is not exactly what a mature client, someone with years of experience in the yachting industry and life at sea, wants. Our approach, is always to meet with the client as soon as possible and establish a face-to-face relationship, something which is incredibly important throughout the build process.”

The first meeting, Rossi explains, is always eye opening because of the levels of detail and passion espoused by the client. While clients will not discuss the nature of their fortune, when it comes to their passion for yachting, they are an open book with near endless desires and requests. It is the job, therefore, of the shipyard to translate these desires to the technical team and design a product that meets them.

LYNX YACHTS Crossover 27

“Slowly, by following their vision, we are able to put forward a project that exactly matches their requests,” continues Rossi. “Whether or not the project is semi-custom and based on a platform, or a fully-custom vessel, every project ends up being a one off, otherwise it just simply wouldn’t be suited to the client. Even series products based on platforms have to be completely tailored.”

Some of the key characteristics that make LYNX YACHTS a popular choice for mature, discerning clients include the fact that vessels are full displacement, made of steel and built in Holland. For the intelligent buyer, these three characteristics ensure quality, seaworthiness, efficiency and resale value. Where LYNX YACHTS’ support vessels are concerned, clients understand that enjoying the limitless superyacht lifestyle that the market sells, does necessarily mean building bigger and more expensive, it means building smarter.


“As well as the projects provenance, one of the characteristics that ties all LYNX YACHTS projects together is our approach to construction,” says Rossi. “Everything comes from the commercial world; it has been tried and it has been tested in the harshest environments. We are a shipyard, and when we deliver a product you can tell from being on board that you are on a ship, it may have the finish and aesthetic of a superyacht, but this boat is not just for taking in the sun and having a little lunch in the bay, it is built for crossing the sea.”

Rossi explains that, if one needs any proof of LYNX YAHCHTS’ approach to shipbuilding, they need look no further than the new Crossover 27 project. Somewhere between a superyacht and a support vessel, the Crossover 27 project has been designed specifically, with no bias, to suit the needs of a unique owner. While the project may not be suitable for the average superyacht owner, it is perfectly suitable for the client for whom it is intended. A shipyards job is not to create a project that they think the client will like, it is to create a project that perfectly mirrors the client’s requests.

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