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Full list of The Superyacht Forum workshops announced!

The TSF workshop sessions this year are all about creating an action plan and sparking debates that are more conducive to change…

This year, The Superyacht Forum, which is taking place between the 14th-16th of November, is all about addressing the challenges we face as an industry, and whether or not we are going to actually evolve our practices or repeat the same patterns. With a return to our structured and closed workshop rooms, we have devised a list of 18 pertinent topics and workshop ideas that will act as a catalyst for further conversation and tangible change.

These workshops aren’t for the traditionalists, the incrementalists, or the industry backbenchers. They are a place where visionaries and decision-makers get together to figure out what this industry needs to do better. This is, of course, no simple task, and while we encourage accountability and conviction, we can not guarantee that any conclusions or solutions will be reached in the space of a one-hour workshop. 

For this reason, we have made sure that a member of The Superyacht Group team will be present in every workshop to read the room and record the best bits. These recordings will form the basis for further debate on the issues at hand, and we will make sure that the conversation continues all year round via our digital platforms and dynamic events schedule.

We have dedicated a large portion of The Day One programme towards addressing the issues surrounding sustainability. There is still a lot of greenwashing and considering some of the pledges and commitments that have been made over the last 12 months, we thought it would be important to revisit those claims and figure out how we can keep the conversation moving forward.

1. The Impact of Ceramic Coatings

2. How YETI is potentially revolutionalising yachting

3. Reducing Weight to Reduce Energy 

4. Why Methanol? 

5. The Future of Human Resources & Managing Mental Health Issues 

6. Building Superyachts with Purpose

On Day Two we are going to focus on ownership, safety, and accreditation. This will be a day that is going to include some uncomfortable questioning. What training and qualifications should an Owners Representative have? Surely, there should at least be a minimum standard. How come we have had so many fires this year? Lithium Ion batteries may indeed have issues when charging, but perhaps we are missing the full story. What are the logistical implications that need to be considered if we are actually going to go ahead with fuel cell technology? You’d think the most significant impact would involve refitting the existing fleet of superyachts. 

1. Measuring Guest Comfort

2. Communication - One Web v Starlink 

3. Building A Fuel Cell Strategy

4. Red Ensign Code Updates – Ask REG?

5. Managing Lithium Battery Fires / Sub 500GT Fire Rules

6. Training the Next Generation of Owners Representatives


On the final day of TSF, we need to focus on the human element of yachting. The superyacht industry is all about who you know, not what you know, and there is no getting around the fact that this is a major flaw. The pool of candidates the superyacht industry normally recruits from is incredibly shallow, it’s not even enough to say that most of the people who get employed are white and middle-class. More often than not, they are white, middle class, probably grew up somewhere along the coast, and probably already have a family member or friend working in the industry. The industry can not say, hand on heart, that it recruits the best people for the job, and with the client's best interest in mind. Amidst all the debate about ships and sustainability and technology, let's also make sure we talk about the most vital component - the human element.


1. Managing Refit and Paint Risks

2. Developing Quality versus Equality

3. Using VR Simulators for On Board Training

4. The reality of Cyber Risks & Threats

5. Clean Superyachts – Post COVID Strategies

6. Creating a Better Superyacht Image


The program outline is now live and can be viewed here. There is a dynamic group of industry leaders and outsider thought leaders from the automotive and technology sectors, sustainable development and Silicone Valley to come, with further announcements in the coming days. 

The Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam represents the flagship event in our 365-day mission to inspire, create, discuss and share content with everyone in The Superyacht Group Community.  Be sure to join us at The Rai once again for The Superyacht Forum 2022. Please click here for membership registration, renewal and purchase. 

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Full list of The Superyacht Forum workshops announced!


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