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Relationships are key

I.C. Yacht explores the critical relationship between client, builder and project…

As the superyacht market has evolved, discerning superyacht owners, especially in the large custom markets, have become increasingly aware of how central tender projects are to improving the overall superyacht experience. This realisation has helped drive the development of the custom tender market to the extent where certain projects are as technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing as the motherships themselves. SuperyachtNews speaks with I.C. Yacht about the development of the tender market and the importance of fostering strong relationships with clients.

“I.C. Yacht is a shipyard in a Cologne, the heart of northern Italy, where there has been a shipbuilding tradition for almost a century,” starts Giulia Ponzoni, director of marketing at I.C. Yacht. “At I.C. Yacht we believe that the relationship with client is equally as important as the building experience itself and that the tender is as important as the mothership. We like to have a relationship with the client that is not only based on the business processes but the quality of the customer care. It starts with the design and build process and then continues after delivery.”

Custom projects Atlante One & Atlante Two designed by Nuvolari Lenard

When the superyacht market was in its infancy, the tender was often seen as a necessary practical add on to the whole experience. Owners and guests needed a convenient was to go from the mothership to the marina o beach. As the superyacht industry has matured however, these same owners and guests have increasingly viewed tenders, especially limousine tenders, as an extension of the mothership and, by proxy, an ambassador for their own personal tastes and style. Indeed, tenders are often the first thing that friends, peers and the public see of any given superyacht project.

“One thing that has changed in recent years is that the tender has become increasingly similar to the mothership and not just in terms of aesthetic stylings,” continues Ponzoni. “As well as creating vessels that mirror the mothership in terms of appearance, the levels of comfort, finish and technology are now also akin to the mothership. Today tenders are large, powerful, comfortable, finished to the highest luxury standards and house advanced AV/IT solutions for entertainment and operational systems.”

Custom T/T Solandge designed by Zuccon International Project

In order to create and maintain such high product standard, Ponzoni explains that a continued relationship with the client, as well as the owner’s team, is crucial. As with any superyacht build, every client differs in terms of their tastes and requirements. Without a close working relationship, it would be all too easy to create a standard project that fails to meet the custom requirements of discerning owners.

“It is critical that we maintain or relationships, not only with the clients but with the captain and crew,” explains Ponzoni. “Each stakeholder within the process has a wealth of first hand knowledge and suggestions that help us to develop our tenders and customise them to suit the needs of the client and improve their relationship with the sea.”

With two 12m custom tender projects currently in build and due for delivery in 2021 , I.C. Yacht prides itself on its ability to foster and enjoyably and luxurious customer journey, its ability to keep pace with the rapidly evolving innovations and technological solutions, as well as to create a suitably aesthetic product that echoes the stylings of the mothership and the desires of the client.

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Relationships are key


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