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Tony Castro Design has always been at the forefront of the application of technology in Yacht design and today employs the latest technologies to design and develop state of the art custom yachts.

From the early 1970’s when Tony received his BSc in naval architecture from Strathclyde University and an MSc from Glasgow University in Aero/Hydrodynamics, Tony has amassed a wealth of experience through the design and engineering of some 500 yachts, working with some of the top yards worldwide in all materials, from classic timber to advanced composites.

Embracing the benefits that new technology brings, we have extensive experience in utilising the latest software to create automotive quality 3D surfaces, Collaborative Project Management, Virtual reality visualisation, CAM / CAE machined tools and video conferencing. The addition of Oculus Rift technology to our extensive 3D modelling capabilities enables realistic walks through yachts very early in the design process, allowing clear reviews of volumes, heights, sight lines, stairs and more - opening new capabilities to evaluate design for production, potentially reducing assembly and manufacturing hours.

That said, you can have all the latest design tools at your disposal, but at the end of day all this technology is only as good as those who use them! In an industry where players come and go, we hope our near 40 years of experience and commercial continuity, reassures you we are a safe custodian to interpret your design requirements into beautiful functional yachts.

We also understand that it’s not just the process that is important, but also about quality of people in the industry. 38 years within the industry teaches discernment and insight into companies and individuals. When working with our clients dreams, and handling large sums of money, it is important to know which suppliers to choose and which yards you can count on.




Rio House
76 Satchell Lane
SO31 4HL



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