The Superyacht Group is pleased to introduce the Innov:8 series of video interviews with a wide spectrum of technology-focused businesses currently working on some of the most innovative propositions in yachting.

The analogies between biology and business are well-trodden and this year has only heightened this association. To survive is to adapt; to thrive is to innovate. 

In evolutionary biology, we reference the Red Queen principle. All species are constantly evolving, even when all seems static and like the eponymous Red Queen from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, sometimes you must run as fast as you can, just to hold your position. In a competitive landscape, such as the superyacht industry, we must do likewise, because everyone else is running the same race. 

Innovation has a different meaning depending on whom you ask. For some, it denotes a specific piece of technology that acts as a lynchpin for an entire system. For others, innovation is the ability to pivot seamlessly to a hub and spoke system of remotely operating teams of service technicians. For some of the industry veterans, innovation is simply knowing when it’s time to step back from the test bench in the workshop.

Superyachts are ‘vessels’ for technology in every sense of the word and our 8-minute conversations cover everything from the challenges of overcoming IMO Tier III, to the myths surrounding electric tenders, whilst tackling questions as unique as, ‘is it really possible to maintain privacy and security with a sky full of drones?’ 

The drive to keep innovating is what has allowed our industry to overcome 2020 and look ahead with confidence. The Innov:8 series was a chance for us to speak with the industry’s best, and delve into what has kept them at the head of the pack.  

You can now access every interview here for a glimpse into the technologies of tomorrow.


Profile links

Quantum Marine Stabilizers

Ward's Marine Electric

HP High Pressure SrL

Kongsberg Maritime AS


Besenzoni S.p.A.

Videoworks S.p.A.

Bond Technology Management & Consultancy

Hug Engineering

CMC Marine

Intellian Technologies

TEAM Italia srl

Boero YachtCoatings

Channel 28 Ltd

CELLweaver GmbH & Co. KG


Electronic Navigation Ltd (WASSP)

Custom Marine Developments

OneOcean (ex ChartCo & Marine Press)

IDEA Data Solutions GmbH

CN Sat Srl


Viraver Technology

VIKAND Technology Solutions

HEM, part of Evac Group

Robin Radar Systems

Laneva Boats

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