- Owner - 40m yacht re-named 'Pandemic Profiteer’

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40m yacht re-named ‘Pandemic Profiteer’

Sailing yacht ‘Lady M’ has been branded with the name 'Pandemic profiteer’…

Image credit: Led By Donkeys (Twitter)

Michaelle Mone’s 40m sailing yacht ‘Lady M’ has been renamed "Pandemic Profiteer” by activists. Michelle Mone is a Scottish entrepreneur and Baroness who is known for founding the lingerie brand Ultimo. Her public relations have been the subject of criticism and controversy at various points throughout her career, for a variety of reasons. Some of the issues that have contributed to her negative public image include accusations of poor business practices, conflicts with business partners, and controversial statements and actions in the public eye.

A global pandemic is a time of widespread hardship, with many people struggling to make ends meet. Profiting from such a situation can be perceived as exploiting others' suffering for one's own financial gain.

Furthermore, profiting during a pandemic can (understandably) be seen as a moral failure. A global pandemic calls for collective action, with individuals and organisations being called upon to do their part to help others. Those who profit during a pandemic may be viewed as putting their own interests ahead of the greater good, and as failing to do their part in the collective effort to overcome the crisis.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that those who are in positions of power and influence have a responsibility to use their resources to help others, rather than to enrich themselves. When they profit during a pandemic, they may be seen as failing to live up to this responsibility.

This event could very well be brushed aside and declared an isolated incident, however, one could argue that it would also be foolish to assume that this will be the last public protest against the superyacht industry. The truth of the matter is that for many people outside of the industry these superyachts symbolise a faction of society that would rather parade their wealth than put it to good use.



FITZROY 2006 2006 Delivered
38.90m 8.37m 1.69m 170
Dubois Naval Architects Ltd

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40m yacht re-named ‘Pandemic Profiteer’


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