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Shifting anchoring from reactive to proactive

AnchorGuardian from Swiss Ocean Tech hopes to revolutionise environmentally conscious safe anchoring practices……

AnchorGuardian from Swiss Ocean Tech hopes to bring a smart solution to a traditionally analogue operation, and in the process revolutionise environmentally conscious safe anchoring practices. As a captain of a 42m superyacht puts it very simply: “I am interested in anything which will move my anchoring from reactive to proactive”. Rather than acting in response to an anchoring situation, proactive anchoring puts the control where it belongs; with the captain. 

This reframes how we anchor today. Anchoring, like sailing, goes back millennia. For the most part, the anchoring procedure really hasn’t changed much over that time. Anchor types have evolved, chains have become sturdier and there are now numerous helpful gadgets for lowering and raising the anchor.  However, the basic process has endured. 

It is a complicated skill to master.  The truth is, where there is an anchor, there will also sometimes be dragging.  It is physically impossible that an anchor will always hold. Not only is it a danger to the vessel and those onboard, but it can also wreak havoc on fragile marine ecosystems, damage seabeds and destroy aquatic wildlife.   

AnchorGuardian module

It is, for this reason, that the by-laws relating to anchoring within the Mediterranean have become so stringent. However, the responsibility of protecting the environment that one comes to enjoy does not lie with the governmental and local authorities alone. 

There once was a time boats could anchor freely in every and any destination they chose, but those times are changing and superyachts need to change with them,  smart solutions and ideas are one way of future-proofing the industry. 

AnchorGuardian is one such solution. A clever technology that provides intelligence during the entire anchoring procedure to the captain and crew, in real-time. The system transmits a steady data stream to a bridge terminal. Keeping the crew fully informed about the hold of the anchor, minimizing the risk of dragging by providing immediate, fail-safe anchor dragging alarms with sub-meter accuracy and predicting anchor hold.   

AnchorGuardian module + swivel

AnchorGuardian is the first worldwide system using sensor fusion and sophisticated algorithms that monitors the position and absolute movements of a ship's anchor. Surprisingly, despite advanced naval navigation equipment such as GPS, depth sounder, radar etc, it is still not possible for the crew to know in detail if an anchor is, or has been, dragging.  AnchorGuardian is here to change that. 

Crew require reliable equipment, but more importantly, good anchoring demands clear judgement and great expertise. Coupled with sophisticated technological intelligence providing information before it is needed, then we are on our way towards safe anchoring.

Or, as our captain stated above, towards proactive anchoring.  The industry should see it as their obligation towards future generations but also as sustainable business leaders, to take on practical challenges where value can be added and together with equally passionate partners, solutions can be implemented with real long-term impact. 

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Shifting anchoring from reactive to proactive


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