- Operations - Mapping the seafloor to provide safe navigation for the mothership


Mapping the seafloor to provide safe navigation for the mothership

WASSP highlights the many benefits of installing its renowned mapping system on tenders and ancillary vessels…

Less than twenty per cent of the world’s oceans are charted in a way to allow for safe navigation, and established areas are often changed due to cyclones, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, and floods. For owners exploring remote waters, WASSP wireless technology provides an incredibly comprehensive live (real-time) mapping system of the ocean floor. And, for additional safety and convenience, this award-winning technology can be installed on one or more of the yacht’s tenders, allowing the smaller craft to explore ahead and report back live in full 3D colour to the mothership.

The WASSP wireless works by creating a 2D and 3D map of the seafloor (to a depth of up to 1000m at a range of up to 2000m) in real-time to chart the safe passage of ancillary vessels and the yacht itself. The WASSP Multibeam Echosounder uses over 220 beams to map vertically below the vessel, as well as far outside port and starboard at about 3 times wide as depth. When employed, the information from the tender is live communicated to the yacht through a secure WIFI connection. The yacht can then cruise to bays, fjords and more in complete confidence – with an insight into the seafloor below allowing the Captain and crew to immediately position the vessel in the best safe place for the guests.

“Places like Florida and the northwestern Mediterranean are mapped very well but you do not need to venture far beyond to get some real surprises,” starts Rufus Whiteford, EMEA and Americas sales and marketing director for WASSP. Installing the technology on a tender is an attractive option for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is a faster procedure than any work that would be carried out on the mothership, but more importantly, the tender is much more agile and can easily spot any potential danger before the yacht encounters it. “WASSP equipment can be hidden so the owner or guests won’t even realise it is installed, as it has no impact on the everyday use of the tender but it becomes the navigation eyes for the Skipper,” remarks Whiteford.

Clients are best placed to approach discussions with the WASSP team and the tender manufacturer as soon as possible. “At Ribeye, we have seen the WASSP W3 solution really grow in demand in recent years and having seen it in action, I can understand why this is becoming a necessity for many superyachts,” says James Burroughs, managing director of Ribeye Tenders. “[With our projects] we discussed the WASSP solution with the client early on in the design stage to ensure a seamless integration with the tender project.”

As this technology continues to evolve, tender manufacturers are able to seamlessly install the supporting vessel with little change to its operation. “We can integrate the W3P Portable all in one system as well as the fully fitted WASSP W3i on all Ribeye Tenders and now have prefabricated moulds for the transducer allowing operation at high speeds with no impact on tender performance due to our hydrographic fairing design,” adds Burroughs.

WASSP technology enables owners and clients to safely cruise off-the-beaten-track waters, accurately mapping the floor with ease. By locating the mapping system within the tender, it not only encourages further exploration but also adds a layer of safety for the mothership, encouraging adventures both on the surface and below the water when WASSP Maps are used for Submarine navigation. 

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Mapping the seafloor to provide safe navigation for the mothership


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