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RotaGiorgino presents new collection at Monaco Yacht Show

RotaGiorgino presents new collection of furniture, accessories and light installations at Monaco Yacht Show…

RotaGiorgino shares an update on its new collection

International design and architectural studio RotaGiorgino announces its debut to the Monaco Yacht Show with a new collection of furniture, home accessories and lighting installations.

Designed exclusively for Florence-based company Taurini Pianeta Gemme, leader of the world’s natural stone industry, RotaGiorgino’s latest collections are the result of the studio’s extensive research into the world of natural materials and consequent application to interior and architectural projects.

The collection will be on show at Taurini Pianeta Gemme booth at the Monaco Yacht Show, Booth PP9

‘D’ – The collection includes a series of chairs, sofas and bar stools entirely hand crafted and upholstered in leather or fabric. Each piece is embellished by precious stone details at hands level for everybody to appreciate the smooth or textured finish of the materials but most importantly to feel its preciousness while experiencing the comfort for a complete sensory experience. 

D collection - D stools details in Tiger’s Eye by Taurini 

‘Gorgoni’ - The perfect combination of natural materials and cutting-edge technology. Inspired by the Gorgons, the three terrifying creatures of Greek mythology who would turn into stone those who would dare to look at their beauty, this collection boasts work featuring petrified wood, a material that is over millions of years old.

This exclusive and incredibly old material takes centre stage in the collection, making each piece one of a kind and drawing a fine line between art and design.

Named after the three Gorgoni sisters, the collection includes Medusa, a mirror framed by petrified wood sections where the bark’s texture is in strong contrast with the polish of the flat surface; the Steno coffee table that is a celebration of beauty and latest technology featuring a two-level top where petrified wood harmoniously meets liquid metal and resin; Euriale, the elegant side table featuring a sturdy petrified wood top supported by fire-charred log slices.

Steno coffee table, petrified wood and resin on liquid metal top over brass

In addition to the collection of furniture and home accessories, RotaGiorgino will present a roster of light installations realised in collaboration with young and dynamic light atelier Promotech.  

Ripples - is created with lined up agate discs of different colours and dimensions. The tip of the central branch features a recessed LED light which lit up the area underneath, while all the agate discs are backlit, creating an elegant and colourful environment.

Multiple Ripples can be installed together, creating an organic and refined lighting installation with unprecedented textures and shades of colours.

Drops - is a modern interpretation of classic chandeliers. Crystal drops are gathered in groups of three around an LED light, which lights these up creating beautiful lighting patterns.

Starfish - Inspired by the organic shapes of the eponymous marine creature, this is a stylish lighting fixture with an intricate but elegant pattern. Each branch has three quartz prisms that are places one on top of the other and slightly twisted in order to create a star shape. The repetition of these stars creates a complex but sophisticated lighting installation that can be fully-customised for site-specific installations and projects.

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RotaGiorgino presents new collection at Monaco Yacht Show


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