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By Conor Feasey

eVTOL designed for superyachts

Klissarov Design has announced its latest project Acro – an eVTOL concept vehicle to join the superyacht tender fleet…

Klissarov Design is currently working on an eVTOL for the superyacht community. Based in Cote d’Azur, the vehicle design studio’s project Acro is an ultralight personal-use eVTOL aimed at bringing recreational flight to superyacht owners' and guests' experiences on board.

“The future of mobility will take to the skies. We as humans always had that will and now the technology is edging us closer to that feat,” Emmanuel Klissarov, CEO and Founder, Klissarov Design tells SuperyachtNews. “Acro is different to other eVTOLs as it is purely a joy-focused vehicle, where the aim is to have fun, safely flying above the water as a SeaBob would do under the surface of the sea.”

Klissarov has over a decade and a half of experience in vehicle design with companies such as Renault and Mercedes-Benz. Passionate about aviation, the designer's plans to bring recreational flight to superyachting stem from the demand for new experiences on board.

“I discovered the cycloidal rotor propulsion system technology that is being developed for eVTOLs,” he says. “So then I imagined this as an emotionally binding vehicle, rather than a purely functional eVTOL. That is why Acro is aimed at the yachting world – because it focuses on the pleasure of flight, adventure and enjoyment.”

Since the costs of developing and sustaining flying vehicles are high, and will remain so within the premium market segment, Klissarov also chose to cater Acro to a market that has the budget to match these demands.

Based on a Tech CR-60 cycloidal rotor, the propulsion system allows a redundancy for two simultaneous engine losses whilst still remaining operational, hovering and landing safely.

In terms of certification, the FAA does not require ultralight vehicles such as Acro to have any proof of airworthiness and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure it is safe to fly. As it is for personnel use, rather than commercial, the aircraft will likely operate on an Experimental Aircraft Licence or can do so indefinitely. Owners also do not require a pilot's licence. 

The timeframe for technical development could be similar another another company that is developing an ultralight eVTOL, Jetson’s. Klissarov says he aims to have the aircraft operational within the next five years.

“As with the development of superyachts, it all starts with a bold vision and a strikingly attractive design. This can spark interest with clients and investors and propel the technology to the next stages of development,” he adds. “eVTOLs are in their infancy, but we are now at a stage where the technology allows their rapid expansion and they will be used on superyachts in the near very near future.”

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eVTOL designed for superyachts


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