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88m concept designed to be ‘virtually invisible’

The intriguing yet far-fetched design is supposed to be built using 3D printing and operate with zero emissions…  …

This unique design by Jozeph Forakis features reflective solar wings and is meant to be the world's first 3d printed superyacht solar-electric / hydrogen hybrid with zero emissions and with a multi-level "Tree of Life" hydroponic garden providing fresh food and air purification

The futuristic yacht was conceived on a beach in Koufonissi island, Greece. "I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline," Forakis says, "I wanted to honour nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible."

Forakis and his team designed a symphony of selected advanced technologies (existing and currently in development). The 88m superyacht's construction uses robotic 3D printing to create a mesh framework integrating both hull and superstructure. The result is a strong and lightweight structure that can be produced using less energy, material, waste, space, and time compared to conventional construction.

The unique exterior design starts with a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and silvery metallic finish, which blends in with the water's colours and movements. This foundation at the waterline supports the superstructure with multi-tiered, ephemeral glass wings that reflect the clouds and the sky.

The centrepiece of the interior design is the multi-level "Tree of Life"-  supposedly a living, breathing monument to mother nature and the nucleus of the hydroponic garden providing fresh food and air purification. The base of the tree emerges from a reflecting pool on the lower deck and is surrounded by the hydroponic + meditation Zen Garden. The tree extends vertically thru all four levels accompanied by a sculptural spiral staircase.

The guest lounges showcase the balance of minimalist design and living nature, both inside - with living greenery and rich appointments integrated throughout - as well as outside with uninterrupted views in all directions and copious daylight.

The top level is exclusive to the owner, with forward facing master suite featuring a large private terrace. The forward pool club has an aquarium-style lap pool and horizontal windows that transform into open balconies on both port and starboard. When closed, the pool cover functions as the helipad.

At the aft of the ship, the open beach club with an oversized Jacuzzi and fold-down balconies transform into an enclosed solarium with sliding glass panels across the ceiling and down the transom bulkhead.

​​According to the press release, solar energy converts seawater into hydrogen, producing zero emissions and an infinite range. Solar energy is used to convert seawater into hydrogen which is stored for longer periods. Onboard fuel cells convert the H2 into electricity stored short-term in Li-ion batteries.

In a world where every second superyacht looks like a carbon copy of the last, a designer who offers something truly different is a breath of fresh air. These designs tap into a client's desire for individuality and their love of the unexpected, offering a unique and personal experience unlike any other. And when a client is able to see their dream vessel brought to life, it is not only a triumph for the designer, but for the industry as a whole.

But it's not just about standing out from the crowd; a unique design concept also speaks to the designer's creativity, bravery and willingness to take risks. It shows that they are not afraid to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what's possible. And when a designer is able to turn their vision into reality, it not only showcases their skill but establishes them as a leader in their field.

So, let us marvel at the audacity of these superyacht designers, who are not content to simply play it safe, but instead chart their own course through the uncharted waters of creativity and innovation. Their willingness to take risks and bring their unique visions to life is not only good for business, but it is what keeps this industry exciting and constantly evolving. A superyacht is more than just a boat, it is a symbol of success and achievement, and these designers are the architects of that dream.

On the other hand, one could argue that while the superyacht industry is one of opulence and extravagance, it is also rooted in reality. Showcasing designs that are little more than flimsy, fanciful fabrications does little more than undermine the credibility of the designer, and by extension, the industry as a whole.

This can potentially not only mislead potential clients but is also indicative of a broader lack of consideration for the practical realities of building and maintaining these vessels. Clients are investing significant sums of money into these vessels and want to know that they will be receiving a product that is both beautiful and functional.

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88m concept designed to be ‘virtually invisible’


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