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What's next for Oceanco?

The industry pioneers have outlined their vision for the future of the company ahead of an exciting show season……

It is no secret that Oceanco is currently experiencing the most exciting build cycle in the entire superyacht industry. If delivering the largest superyacht ever built in The Netherlands isn’t already enough, they are also in the process of building what will eventually become the longest sailing yacht ever built in The Netherlands. In the short space of half a year, Oceanco has proved that its reputation is resilient, its approach to risk-taking is unmatched, and it is at the very forefront of innovation in the industry. So you can’t help but wonder, what's next for the shipyard, and where do they go from here?

The Dutch shipyard has already identified two ways that they want to lead positive change in the industry, and they both involve sustainability. The first initiative is to focus on the transition of energy sources, eliminating the reliance on fossil fuels by exploring alternative fuel sources, advanced battery systems and fuel cells. The second is to promote the circular economy, through the selection or creation of new materials to be used on board, and aiming for zero waste production during the build process.

Oceanco has pledged to at least halve its impact on the environment compared to the benchmark by 2030, aiming for 100% of their electricity usage to be supplied by renewable energy sources. Oceanco has stated that these ambitions are already on track to being realized. The recent major investment in their Alblasserdam premises focused on installing renewable energy systems to reduce power dependence on fossil fuels. The shipyard has a new ground source heat pump system – which reaches 200m below the surface – and cuts gas consumption in half. The shipyard also features rooftop solar panels that generate 200,000kWh per year.

When designing and building a superyacht in today's age, it is imperative that the full life cycle is considered. A yacht today will have different needs and requirements than it will in five, 10 or even 20 years into the future. This means designing with refit specifically in mind. The shipyard states that they create technical spaces that can be retrofitted with technologies and systems in the future that are more sustainable and efficient. There is also a consideration for the recycling and reuse of materials that will be removed from the yacht for replacement, which is a critical part of the circular economy process.

Oceanco began their journey towards reducing their yachts’ impact on the environment through the LIFE Design approach on 109m Bravo Eugenia. Following on from this initiative, a conversation initially focused on sustainable innovation in yachting quickly grew to a far wider appraisal of every aspect of life onboard for Oceanco - from deck arrangements and the kinds of modern spaces that best serve owners and guests, to the integration of technology and wellness.

The company calls this dialogue and its outputs ‘Oceanco NXT’. It aims to bring together a global collective of experts from a wide array of industries to bring fresh perspectives on its vision for the future of yachting, with some inspiring results. The hope is that when owners see the Oceanco NXT endorsement on a yacht’s design or other innovation, they will know they can expect elevated standards of living that are in tune with new perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle.

Beyond the tangible, and even fungible realm is the shipyard's NFT initiative. They claim that the limited collection grants clients access to 'the playground of yacht ownership without needing a bank balance that looks like a phone number.' While this is certainly one of the newest avenues of innovation for the superyacht industry, there are few stakeholders that have decided to grab the bull by the horns in the same fashion that Oceanco has. It proves to the rest of the world that the superyacht industry can and should be willing to explore new and exciting ideas.

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The first yacht designed in harmony with Oceanco’s NXT initiative is the 90m Kairos, which was presented to delegates of The Superyacht Forum 2021. The concept was created in partnership with Pininfarina and Lateral Naval Architects and was developed around an e-Hybrid propulsion system that uses batteries as the primary energy source. This yacht effectively offers a feasible yet inspiring insight into how today’s technologies can pave the way for a tangible future of sustainable yachting.

Kairos is a special concept. Apart from the obvious cosmetic appeal, it symbolises the shipyard's motivation to change the perception of the superyacht industry. Many of the shipyard's competitors have made impetuous decisions to showcase their intent to be more sustainable without actually being able to offer much more than a beguiling promise. Oceanco on the other hand has opted for a calculated approach that focuses on solutions that are brilliantly attainable and refreshingly unpretentious.  

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What's next for Oceanco?


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