It seems the drive or greater integration, simplification and optimisation of on-board technology has gathered increasing momentum over the past decade, to the point of near-critical mass.

But is the ‘one-remote-for-all’ approach to operating these systems working? Are owners and guests using the full potential of these systems? 

Conversations with captains and crew would suggest they aren’t. We have heard of owners despairing at the so-called ‘intuitive’ and ‘reliable’ technology aboard, and throwing remotes overboard in fits of rage.

There has been considerable investment into the vast amount of technology that is available to superyacht owners and their guests, and we are now asking you, in partnership with Crestron, to identify which technologies and means of control are preferable, how much time crew spend rectifying issues, and which systems and interfaces require urgent attention, in order to better understand the wants and needs of the market.

As we have been made most recently aware, while spending an inordinate amount of time in our own homes or on board, dependent on the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and video conferencing software, when technology goes wrong it can cause high levels of frustration – be it too difficult to fix or too unreliable.

There have been concerns raised from crew who are having to troubleshoot systems which have been sold to them as ‘user-friendly’. Should the crew be having to spend their time doing this while looking after a multi-million-pound vessel?

Now is the opportunity to take control and press reset. Sparing just five minutes of your time now in order to save hours of frustration in the future, we invite you to answer 12 questions which will help to improve the implementation of guest technologies on board and make your concerns known directly to those who can make a difference, all while remaining anonymous.

All responses to the below survey will be kept 100 per cent anonymous and, as a gesture of thanks, all participants who complete the survey will be rewarded with a 12-month subscription to The Superyacht Report.

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