Classification societies play a vital role in the design, construction and maintenance of superyachts and now we are giving you the opportunity, in partnership with DNV GL, to have your say on ways in which classification societies can improve and develop their offering in order to better support the needs of the market.

Superyachts are growing in size and complexity at a rate the industry has never seen before. For a market that has often be branded as unchanging and conservative, change is now happening at breakneck speed. Indeed, the industry itself often likes to present to clients the idea that the only limitations they will encounter are the limitations of their own imaginations or that of their teams. The truth, however, is rather different.

We are in fact an industry predicated on the necessity of regulations and parameters, and with good reason. Without these constraints, countless owners, guests, crewmembers and various other interested parties would have their safety compromised. It is regulations and limitations that enable the safe construction and operation of superyachts. Nevertheless, regulations must constantly be evaluated and limitations must continue to be surpassed.

Classification societies have, at times, been denigrated for their onerous and inflexible rules, and frequently accused of stymieing progress and development, and yet when asked to confront class directly and explore how various stakeholders can work smarter together to address these irritations, the market often goes quiet.

Here then, is the perfect opportunity to air any grievances, provide credit where it is due and suggest any developments and amendments to the classification society model that can help improve the design, construction and maintenance of superyachts. Progress is not something to wait for, it is something to engage with.

All responses to the below survey will be kept 100 per cent anonymous and, as a gesture of thanks, 10 participants who complete the survey will be awarded a £50 Amazon gift voucher.

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Image: REV Ocean under construction by Guillaume Plisson

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