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Vikand’s journey to protect the industry from COVID-19

Its ‘PYURE’ technology recently kept an outbreak on a superyacht from spreading…

This year, the superyacht industry was reminded of the crucial role that healthcare solution providers  such as Vikand, play. Serving the superyacht market, luxury cruise, ferries, commercial and fishing vessels, Vikand have had an incredibly busy year, and have ensured they could provide solutions to an industry unprepared for such a health threat. 

“At the moment, we are focused on solving health challenges (COVID-19 currently our primary focus) with PYURE Air and Surface Decontamination System, VIKAND Direct, TeleHealth, COVID-19 Protocols, Mental Wellness and more,” began Mattias Hallberg, Director of Business Development at Vikand.

Within the sphere of maritime medical services, there are many elements that separate Vikand from its competitors. “Our well-experienced team, as well as our ability to constantly stay at the forefront of finding and adopting cutting-edge technologies that make a difference to both our customers and their stakeholders, are the reasons in which we believe we stand out,” continued Hallberg.

Vikand have provided much needed help to the industry throughout this year, and have aided many sectors within it to overcome such a challenge as COVID-19. “Maritime organisations, companies and owners have turned to us for advice and product solutions,” added Hallberg. “Fortunately, Vikand offers complete proactive telehealth technology and a medical team second-to-none to address chronic disease management, a mental wellness program and hotline, COVID-19 Hotline, and protocols with a highly skilled epidemiologist and his team,” he explained.

The global VIKAND Medical Network endeavours to ensure that all vessels are safe and comfortable, and understand that there are first-class services in the event of an outbreak onboard. In addition, its FDA-approved (MDU/Rx model, Medical Class II) air and surface decontamination technology, PYURE, is proven to break down COVID-19 rapidly. “No other technology comes close to these results. The PYURE technology recently kept an outbreak on a superyacht from spreading and we received a confirmation and much love from them! The yacht came out of quarantine and was quickly back in service,” emphasised Hallberg.

In light of this year, Hallberg anticipates that the industry will rely on Vikand far more in the future.

“I think that health, work environments and safety will continue to stay in profound focus as through the pandemic. People are much more aware and concerned about their personal well-being and that of others. Things like a proper air cleaning system are becoming a “hygiene factor” as important as Wi-Fi onboard for owners, guests, and also crew. I know of many yachts where crew are suffering from congestion, irritation in eyes and itching skin caused by black mold. A system like PYURE eliminates this problem,” Hallberg outlined.

At present, Vikand’s foremost client request is protection against the airborne COVID-19 virus. “Clients recognize that we are the only company in yachting who, during the last five years, has been talking about the importance of air cleaning that works. By that, I mean that we break down the pathogens on a molecular level, completely sanitizing the entire boat several times a day, 24/7, year-round,” Hallberg concluded.

Within the next five to ten years, Hallberg wishes to see the yachting industry go greener, safer and healthier – and considering the environmental and health issues the world has faced in 2020, this is the industry’s only option for a successful future.

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Vikand’s journey to protect the industry from COVID-19


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