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Top 10 reasons you need a ShadowCat Support Superyacht

ShadowCat superyachts are more than a typical support vessel…

ShadowCat superyachts are more than a typical support vessel. Bundled into one bespoke package, ShadowCats provide necessary space; carry water toys and provisions; and expand an owner’s experiences at sea. Read on for the top reasons you need a ShadowCat in your fleet.

To reclaim space on the mother yacht.

The number one reason clients consider a ShadowCat is because they want to reclaim space aboard the mother yacht. Whether clients’ families have grown, or they are simply ready to retrofit the existing space to better meet their needs, clients recognize the ability to relegate crew quarters, cargo holds and more to a ShadowCat, freeing up room for additional guest lodging and new entertainment areas. 

“ShadowCats can help owners avoid having to upgrade their existing superyacht to meet their space needs,” explained Robert Smith, CEO of YCTS Ltd. and founding partner of ShadowCat. “With a shadow vessel in tow, the owners can entertain a greater number of people, with greater storage for water toys and other activities.”

To have more fun.

Whether you have a passion for island hopping or deep-sea fishing, a ShadowCat catamaran support yacht offers 40-percent more cargo capacity than a traditional monohull, making room for all the gear that matters. Customized to meet the tastes of each owner, ShadowCat vessels can be outfitted with helicopter and hanger; office space and meeting areas; a submarine hold; a dive centre; smaller vessels, such as fishing boats and tenders; paddle-boards and surf equipment; a fresh flower shop; a medical and wellness centres; a cinema; vehicle garages and more. Some owners even design their shadow boats to serve as high-end beach clubs, complete with water slides. Whatever you can dream of, ShadowCat can hold it.

“ShadowCats are all about expanding an owner’s personalized experience in yachting,” said Smith. “The toys carried aboard only enhance that joy, which of course is the whole point.”

To enable “advanced teaming” for charters abroad.

For owners who prefer to charter superyachts around the world, ShadowCats are the perfect accessory. No matter where you choose to book a charter, a ShadowCat facilitates advanced teaming, which means the support vessel can shuttle ahead have crew, provisions and activities at the ready. This ensures a comfortable and head-turning “home base” to meet your all needs upon arrival in a foreign destination.

“This is a significant advantage of our support yachts,” said Smith. “Whether you’re in Japan, South Africa or the Caribbean, a ShadowCat is your reliable source of entertainment, service and provisions.” 

To get there faster.

Imagine you’ve arrived at your island destination and you’re ready to begin local adventures. With a ShadowCat, you can waste less time on logistics and start enjoying your surroundings faster. Because the ShadowCat functions as a mobile floating toy box, you can send it on ahead to a nearby world-renowned dive spot. While the ShadowCat travels, you can finish your morning workout, savour a five-star breakfast and entertain guests. After the shadow vessel arrives, simply hop aboard your helicopter for a short flight over to the ShadowCat, where you can begin your diving excursion immediately. Importantly, ShadowCat delivers top speeds (the line’s latest delivered vessel Wayfinder boasts 22 knots) and can be outfitted with jet propulsion engines for further reduced transit times and expanded capability.

“Another use case for a ShadowCat is when owners are entertaining guests with different interests,” explained Smith. “One group can travel to a hot fishing spot 100 miles away while a second group stays and enjoys the mother vessel’s pool facilities. It’s the best of both worlds.”

To gain access to destinations in shallower waters.

Because a ShadowCat’s catamaran hull design only has a 2.1-meter draft, it can access very shallow areas, such as ports and shorelines, without issue. While most superyachts must anchor offshore, guests can board their ShadowCats to explore new beaches or enter exotic cities, checking off bucket-list destinations as they go. Another advantage? When you drop anchor on an undisturbed slice of paradise, your toys are already with you and ready to deploy.

“The draft and size of superyachts can limit some activities that simply cannot be missed,” said Smith. “ShadowCats, especially those outfitted with jet-propulsion systems, provide access to very shallow-water destinations that other brands cannot.”

To minimize disruptions aboard the mother yacht.

For owners who desire helicopter transportation while cruising, hosting both the landing pad and a hanger aboard the mother yacht can be a challenge. Not only an eyesore, landing pads and hangers claim valuable real estate that could otherwise be used. Further, when helicopters prepare to land or depart, the surrounding decks must be cleared of people and furnishings, and trained fire crews must stand by. This causes significant disruption to owners and their guests, as well as potential safety hazards. Solving this challenge, savvy owners relocate landing pads and/or hangers to their ShadowCats and reclaim space aboard the mother vessel. 

“Newly arriving guests can land safely aboard a ShadowCat and take a short ride over to the main party via a tender,” explained Smith. “This allows the activities to continue aboard the superyacht without disruption.”

To ensure safety during at-sea cargo transfers.

Speaking of tenders, ShadowCats provides owners with unrivalled stability when loading and unloading smaller boats and other equipment. The ShadowCat’s unique catamaran hull – crafted in partnership with Incat Crowther, the foremost authority on catamaran design and technology – offers significantly more stability over a monohull vessel. The additional stability means that 70 percent more weight can be craned off the side, by way of knuckle-boom cranes for a single-point lift of tenders and beam cranes for secure lifts of larger vessels. 

“This stability ultimately translates to greater safety and confidence when handling tenders or during crew transfers,” said Smith. 

To gain additional privacy.

Cruising oceans can certainly feel remote at times, but in reality such voyages are made possible by a full crew and other support staff. For owners who prefer a bit more privacy, ShadowCats are the solution. Because these support vessels offer plenty of space for off-duty crewmembers and overflow guests, owners can maximise alone time.

“We understand that our clients have a need for privacy and rest,” explained Smith. “ShadowCats provide the space needed to remove unnecessary people from the mother yacht, ensuring as much of that as possible.”

To ensure health and well-being as you cruise.

Now more than ever, staying healthy while traveling abroad is top of mind. ShadowCats help to reduce the number of staff maintained aboard the mother yacht, allowing for greater social distancing and reduced exposure to illnesses. To stay in peak condition, owners can also design ShadowCats to house a personal gym; yoga and cycling studios; and a full wellness centre, outfitted with youth-preserving hyperbaric chambers, massage tables and a sauna.

“As shown in ShadowCat’s Haven concept, which includes a COVID-19 testing centre aboard, having a reduced-crew can better protect against illnesses like the novel coronavirus, allowing owners to test staff and guests frequently,” said Smith. “And access to dedicated high-end fitness and wellness resources keeps our owners fit and ready for all the action on the water.”

For security and safety.

It goes without question that superyacht owners require security while cruising around the world. Closely following a superyacht, a ShadowCat can serve as a security patrol with specialized staff, equipment and advanced communications systems.

“ShadowCats serve as a security umbrella and can provide a protective dome over itself, as well as the superyacht,” explained Smith. “It’s just one more way an owner can relax and enjoy his time at sea.”


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Top 10 reasons you need a ShadowCat Support Superyacht


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