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One to One: Patrick Lahey

We take a deep dive into submersibles with Patrick Lahey the president of Triton Submersibles…

In the latest instalment of The Superyacht Group’s Digital Dialogues, Martin Redmayne speaks with Patrick Lahey, co-founder and president of Triton Submersibles, about how to make the most of the superyacht experience through submersible exploration, as well as exploring various superyacht trends and the practical considerations for ownership.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Patrick began diving in 1975 and started work as a professional diver in 1982. Lahey has over 40 years of commercial underwater experience and he has participated in the design, engineering, manufacture and testing of over 60 manned submersibles. He recently became the second Canadian to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench and the first person to dive the Challenger Deep twice while accompanied by another explorer. As one of Triton’s principles, Lahey has had a significant impact on the superyacht industry’s adoption of submersibles.

“As a diver, I suppose the best way to describe the submersible market at the moment would be ‘buoyant’,” starts Lahey. “We are delivering our 20th and 21st superyacht units at the moment. It’s not a huge number, but it’s a growing number. What is exciting is that when you consider the early days when we first started the company, no one would take us seriously. We were laughed at during boat shows, but now people have recognised that a submersible is a great way for you to enjoy your superyacht fully.”

Lahey is right in his assertion that the numbers of submersibles on superyachts is still not a huge number. However, one phenomenon that has become almost all-pervading in the superyacht market is the acceptance that superyachts are no longer just opulent platforms for entertainment, they are also experiential platforms for exploring the world and its wonders and, in some cases, they are being used to further the sustainability and scientific agendas.

“We are working on a project right now called REV Ocean and providing a submersible that will dive to 7,500 feet and it will be the deepest diving acrylic pressure hull submersible ever built. It is a very exciting programme and, like Oceanx that came before it, Paul Allen’s programme and a select few other pioneering superyacht projects, this platform is being used to further our knowledge and understanding of the oceans and generate interest in it and the oceans desperately need that right now,” explains Lahey.

Elsewhere within the interview, Lahey explores common myths and misconceptions about submersibles, practical consideration for owning and operating a submersible, how to get the most out of the submersible experience, treasure hunting, superyacht market trends and much more. To watch the full interview, click here.

Patrick Lahey, co-founder and president of Triton Submersibles

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One to One: Patrick Lahey


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