With water and its treatment on board superyachts more important than ever before, SuperyachtNews speaks with the team at HEM, member of the Evac Group, about HEM’s unique business model and product offering by focussing on three distinct business functions, solutions, spare parts and services. With solutions for 40m-plus superyachts, HEM is a superyacht water treatment market leader.

HEM’s success can be attributed to several factors.

“The business was founded in 1980 in the south of France so we have 40 years experience in the desalination of seawater and also the treatment of freshwater using high-quality products,” says Jaco Conradie, Head of Superyacht  sales at Evac Group

He explains that the company’s route to market has typically been through the direct relationships with shipyards, captains and engineers.

“Through these relationships, we have been able to create feedback loops that continuously allow us to improve and refine our products. At the same time, it has enabled us to create a consultancy-based model that ensures our clients are receiving exactly the right products and not off-the-shelf solutions,” Conradie adds.

While most people are under the impression that HEM’s business starts and ends with the installation of water-maker systems, these systems, in fact, only account for around 30-40 per cent of the complete water treatment systems typically provided by HEM to superyachts. Beyond the aforementioned items are all the smaller systems that account for vital processes throughout the water-lifecycle on board superyachts such as water softeners, chlorine dosing, silver ion sterilisation, hyrophore systems, circulatory systems with automatic pH and chlorine monitoring/adjustment systems.

“The element that truly makes us stand out is the aftersales and technical support that we provide,” continues Conradie. “We have a team of technicians that we can send anywhere in the world. We also support the vessels by telephone and email whenever they have a problem with a particular system. The effectiveness of our remote aftersales care is a direct result of the simplicity and intuitive nature of our systems. By understanding the vessels and our clients, we can create systems that are easy to operate and maintain, allowing our aftersales to be more flexible.”

Working with the vast majority of major shipyards in Northern Europe and a number of the large shipyards in Italy, HEM has developed unrivalled knowledge of the superyacht build and aftersales process.

Joining Evac Group in 2018 has enabled HEM to engage in research and development of larger scope of high-end products for superyachts. Evac products such as vacuum toilets, black water treatment, food compactors and ballast water management can now be utilized with HEM´s offering and service for a one-stop-shop solution for superyacht clients.

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