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Bringing watermakers out of the engine room

HP Watermaker provides the only fully automated and integrated water system for superyachts…

As superyachts continue to grow in size and complexity, certain legacy systems have been left behind. Even today, most water marker systems on board superyachts require manual operation from the engine room. However, HP Watermaker has created the only fully automatic, bridge-integrated water management system, thereby reducing complexity, saving time and improving the ability to monitor.

“For a number of years now HP Watermaker has been providing the only fully automated water maker for superyachts, the HP RP Tronic,” starts Gianni Zucco, co-founder of HP Watermaker. “Now, however, we have taken the technology one step further by fully integrating the system with all the market’s top navigational brands, including Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, Lowrence and B&G. We are the only company with worldwide interface with these plotters.”

For as long as water makers have been in existence on vessels, they have primarily been operated and managed manually from the engine room. Today, many of the systems on board superyachts remain manual or, at best, semi-automated. Captains, chief engineers and other stakeholders are still obliged to go down to the engine room to manually adjust valves, flush the system and check on pressure. While technology on board superyachts has evolved and modernised, water systems have remained unnecessarily archaic and complex.

“When using the equipment of one of the aforementioned navigational brands, simply enter the applications page and alongside systems like Spotify, Seakeepers, Lumishore and so on, you will find an HP Watermaker option that will allow the user to control the system that is located in the engine room,” continues Zucco. “The interface allows users to turn the system on and off, reset the alarms, monitor the operations and check all of the data related to the water system, such as working hours, total water production, the working pressure and the actual production and water quality. Additionally, via a pin-protected service, users will be able to adjust the water makers settings.”

HP Watermaker’s products are suitable for all vessel sizes from around 50ft up to the very largest 100m-plus superyachts. As superyachts, in general, have continued to grow in size and complexity, the burden of administration and operation has grown exponentially for captains, chief engineers and senior crew, and the use of cumbersome and time-consuming legacy technologies should no longer be considered acceptable. By bringing the operation and maintenance of the water system to the bridge and away from the engine room, HP Watermaker has hugely simplified the task of monitoring and adjusting water makers and dramatically reduced the time necessary to focus on them by creating an intuitive interfaced system.

“There are still those who prefer manual systems and who fundamentally distrust the additional electrical systems,” explains Zucco. “However, for these individuals, it is important to note that the automated system has been designed with redundancy so, in the event of an electrical failure on board, the water maker system can still be operated manually when needed.”

By bringing water out of the engine room and onto the bridge, HP Watermaker has created a remote, timesaving and monitoring tool that simplifies the operation of water systems.

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Bringing watermakers out of the engine room


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