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Rack centralisation with Videoworks’ Key Core Solution

Reduced space and energy consumption, as well as increased safety, with a new centralised rack arrangement…

Videoworks has launched its Key Core Solution – a solution designed to centralise the on-board entertainment control system in an extra slim rack for yachts up to 50m. The rack measures just 550mm in width, 600mm in depth and 38-42 rack units in height, depending on the required options and the size of the yacht, and works in combination with the latest version of Videoworks’ MyInfo App, which collect all the media and information available on board a yacht to allow guests and crew easy access to smart applications and services at any time.

With the Key Core Solution, Videoworks installs all electronic equipment related to the on-board entertainment control system in a centralised rack technical area. With each rack engineered and designed by the Videoworks technical office, the rack is assembled at the Videoworks headquarters, where a software engineer carries out a pre-test in order to reduce system debugging on board.

This configuration, as opposed to a traditional non-centralised configuration, offers many benefits for superyacht clients, the first of which is ease of installation and maintenance. “The centralisation of most of the electronic devices in one rack enables us to optimise the installation, making it easier and faster,” explains Alessio Musetti, yacht service division director at Videoworks. “In addition, any servicing or technical problems can be solved in one place, therefore minimising the impact on on-board life.”

“The centralisation of most of the electronic devices in one rack enables us to optimise the installation, making it easier and faster...”

Furthermore, the Key Core Solution allows for significant optimisation of space on board, with technical space savings of 40 per cent compared to a traditional non-centralised system. It also significantly reduces the hardware required in cabins. “It eliminates the need for local and dedicated racks and there is no need to add any device to integrate new experience categories into the application,” adds Musetti. “With the solution, the only hardware needed in the cabins are TV screens, speakers and access points for WiFi, so there is more space for the guests.”

Compared to a traditional non-centralised configuration, the Key Core Solution allows for a wiring reduction of 20 per cent, power consumption is reduced by 25 per cent and heat emission is reduced by 30 per cent, as well as weight savings due to less hardware. The system is also easily expandable and upgradeable via IP Encoder and Dante protocol system.

Finally, the MyInfo App embodies the experience and the capabilities achieved by Videoworks in its 20 years of activity. A Smart TV or tablet is all that is needed to access the App and provide any service that a client needs, including video and audio on demand, lighting and temperature control, access to security cameras, messages to welcome guests on board, and much more. With the App, there is also no need to have a box behind the TV to receive video streams from the central rack; just an ethernet connection to the TV is needed. Full customisation is possible, including a graphic design application that can be personalised to include images and the logo of the boat and new widgets can be added at any time.

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Rack centralisation with Videoworks’ Key Core Solution


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