Ferretti Group, the Italian superyacht conglomerate, has announced a new sustainable development at its Ancona facility.

The project, which will see the addition of a trigeneration plant, has the potential to reduce the consumption of the electrical and thermal energy needed to air-condition the various production environments by up to 79 per cent, thereby meeting the requirements of the facility, which covers over 25,000sqm and requires constant temperature control.

“Inside the plant there is a high-efficiency, gas-fired co-generator with an electrical power of 500kWe and thermal power of 600kWt, together with a 460kWf absorber for the production of cold water for cooling that uses the thermal energy recovered from the plant itself,” explains a representative from Ferretti Group.

The design and installation of the work will be conducted by Samso Spa, the Italian energy-efficiency specialist.

Once fully operational, the installation of the trigeneration plant should lead to a reduction of about 79 per cent of the demand for electricity and 32 per cent of thermal energy, resulting in an annual primary energy saving of around 20 per cent.

In addition to the trigeneration plant, Ferretti Group has further installed a solar photovoltaic system for the production of electricity and for the conversion of lighting systems with LED lamps.

Much has been made of the need for the superyacht industry to become more sustainable. However, much of the focus has been on the need for the vessels themselves to become more sustainable, or risk failing to attract the newest crop of environmentally-conscious ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

While the sustainable viability of the superyacht product is without doubt important, it is of equal importance the various businesses within the superyacht market, such as Ferretti Group, take up the environmental charge.

It is true that owners and their vessels are by far the most publicised element of the industry and, in that sense, they provide a barrier between the rest of the market and scrutiny. However, it is of paramount importance the market does not rely on the public profile of owners and guests to become complacent, and rather, uses its own sustainable initiatives to support the mission of owners and guests.

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