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Videoworks welcomes new CEO and looks towards future

Exclusive interview with Maurizio Minossi on the changing demands in superyacht technology on board…

Maurizio Minossi, CEO of Videoworks

Italian AV/IT system integration company, Videoworks has appointed one of its two founders Maurizio Minossi as CEO while also maintaining his current role as CTO. Mauro Pellegrini assumes the role of President and maintains that of CCO.

“I am honoured to pick up the baton from Mauro Pellegrini and to continue, with the managing team, to guide our group towards a position of excellence and of acknowledged added value in collaboration with our customers,” said Minossi.

Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews, Minossi explained the direction that he wants to take the company. “We want to make Videoworks a multinational company,” he explained. “Ideally, we would be the main electronic supplier to all owners. In order to achieve this, we have to constantly think about the complete lifecycle of a system. It is important to take this into consideration at the initial stages of installation.”

Having been with Videoworks since 1998, Minossi is a definite authority on the changing expectations of superyacht owners. “While previously air conditioning was the main consideration for clients, this has now been overtaken by security and WIFI speed.

“The second biggest consideration would be audio quality,” he continued. “Video is much more commercial and easier to implement but there is a huge demand for decent sound systems.”

"we have to constantly think about the complete lifecycle of a system" - Maurizio Minossi

“Comfort on board would then be the next highest priority; that’s where air conditioning comes into play, we are now looking at making this all electronically integrated and controlled by AI.”

However this is not prescriptive: “we must deal with clients according to their own specific requests. In the 50-metre-plus market, if you have 10 clients they will have completely different requests, from VPNs [virtual private networks] to varying policies and products.”

Minossi doesn’t hesitate however, to confirm that improved connection on board is where he feels the future of superyacht technology lies. “Internet speed for sure” he maintains, “ making it as fast as possible.”

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Videoworks welcomes new CEO and looks towards future


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