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By Jack Hogan

Urgent call for yacht support

Yachts For Science is seeking a replacement vessel for a shark tagging mission in Tunisia…

The Yachts For Science project, led by shark research scientist Dr Francesco Ferretti and filmmaker James Glancy, is urgently seeking a replacement yacht to support their groundbreaking shark research and tagging mission in Tunisia. Scheduled for 12 May, the initial yacht donated by an owner can no longer fulfil its role due to unforeseen circumstances.

The mission involves tagging, tracking and filming great white sharks in the Mediterranean, a world-first that promises to provide vital information for their protection against overfishing. Months of preparation, flight bookings and permit arrangements have been invested in this important research endeavour.

The project urgently requires a donor vessel or funding to charter a local Tunisian boat. The trip will be for 12 to 14 days in three locations off the coast of Tunisia (see below), providing accommodation support for  six researchers. The vessel will shadow a Tunisian fishing boat which carries dirty gear such as chum and fishing lines, with filmmaker James Glancy filming a documentary of the expedition.

If you have any leads or suggestions for donor vessels or funding, please contact Rosie at Yachts For Science. Your assistance in this urgent matter will contribute to the invaluable knowledge and protection of great white sharks in the Mediterranean.

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Urgent call for yacht support


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