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The Superyacht Report - Captains Focus: Read It Now!

Issue 221: The Superyacht Report - Captains Focus is now available to read and download online…

The Superyacht Report - Captains Focus highlights that while our fleet remains in capable hands, the rapidly changing superyachting landscape presents immense challenges. Recruitment, retention and training issues have plagued the industry as the fleet continues to grow at record speed. Listening to and addressing the concerns of those on deck is crucial for the industry's survival. Without quality personnel manning the fleet, the industry would cease to exist.

In this latest issue, we examine the current state of leadership training, the introduction of more sophisticated AI systems on board, and how the ongoing changes in the sector will shape the industry's future.

Considering that our senior crew spend most of their careers mastering the technical aspects of the industry, there is often a gap between their technical skills and leadership abilities. Conor Feasey addresses the current leadership crisis on board by discussing it with former British Royal Navy officers Chris Andreason, head of management at Edmiston, and Karl and Tracey Santrian, founders of the leadership training organization BZ Maritime. We also speak to the youngest captain to win the RINA Captains Award about her rise to captaincy, the role of leadership and the challenges she still faces as a female skipper.

There are some sincere observations straight from the horse’s mouth as we gather views from the bridge, where The Superyacht Group’s Isla Painter reviews the findings from the Superyacht Intelligence team’s Captains and Senior Crew Survey. This analysis aims to understand the current sentiment on board amidst the changing landscape and to gauge captains’ perceptions of the industry's future, offering an earnest and unfiltered account of their perspectives. Additionally, the intel team provides a snapshot of the most important facilities and amenities for crew when they are in marinas.

AI has evolved from a buzzword to a staple of our everyday vernacular, especially concerning on-board operations. The integration of artificial intelligence into yachting is no longer just a fanciful idea but an exciting and imminent reality. Here, we examine its vast and transformative potential across all departments.

Lithium batteries have taken the spotlight in recent years, often being hailed as the ‘green’ zero-emission power solution for superyachting, but their use has sparked considerable debate. To delve deeper, our Sustainability Editor, Megan Hickling, questions whether they are truly the greener option and explores what alternatives should be considered to achieve genuine decarbonisation.

The industry is also coming to terms with its drinking problem. The sobering reality is the prevalent issues caused by alcohol and drugs on board, perpetuated by influences like ‘Below Deck’. These problems not only disrupt the professional capabilities of crew and operations on board but also negatively impact mental health. So, as the industry battles rising cases of poor mental health on board, we explore whether addressing alcohol and drug abuse could be part of the solution.

Our chairman, Martin Redmayne, dives into the upcoming America’s Cup and its positive impact on the wider maritime community. The 37th edition of this famous race, along with several other sailing competitions, is set to take place in Barcelona later this year, creating an exciting calendar of events for the Catalan capital. 

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