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The Future of Ownership

Editor-in-Chief Martin H. Redmayne invites you to share your thoughts and opinions on the future of ownership…

Our incredible Captains Report is about to hit the presses and be available for download, so the time has come to get the market and our audiences to think about the next edition of The Superyacht Report.

Issue 222 will be published in time for the Monaco Yacht Show and is focused almost exclusively on the vital topic of superyacht ownership, so this is our outreach and search for the most pertinent topics and invite guest columnists to have their say, in what is possibly the most important issue of the year.

We will be looking at future-proofed ownership models, private aviation and real estate comparisons, the buying process, exploring the charter market and digging into other challenging topics that we feel owners and their advisers need to understand better.

If there are any brokers, bankers, lawyers, private client advisers or family offices who would like to share their thoughts and opinions on the future of ownership, please send a note to and we’ll plan an incredible issue together.

However, the message that we need to really explore and delve into is the old topic of potential market penetration to tackle the issue of potential owners not investing in ownership, to see if this is more of a business opportunity, than a distraction. I’m not saying it’s simple and straightforward, but we have to start analysing the market to try to understand why more people are not buying and our industry is only moving at a steady pace of a few hundred yachts being built or sold per annum.

Yes, the numbers of yachts sold or ordered may seem reasonable when you look back over time and see the overall growth numbers in the past 30 years, but we’re heading into a brave new world, where superyachts have an image problem and the next generation may decide that owning is not for them.

But rather than be negative or all doom and gloom, I feel we’re entering a massive transitional phase, where we have an opportunity to build differently, sell differently, operate and service differently and ultimately own differently - this is one key topic that I want to delve into for the Owner Report. If you look at new real estate ownership and private aviation models, there are some initiatives and concepts that will make sense for the future of owning expensive assets that you only use for a relative limited part of its lifetime.

So the big question we have to explore is, “What is the Future of Ownership?” and a brief survey and research project will kick off in the coming weeks to get some high-level perspectives on this interesting topic. However, if you’d like to be part of this issue and process, and share your opinions, please do get in touch at

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The future of ownership


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