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Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Martin Redmayne invites industry experts to share their knowledge, experience and opinions…

Swiping through a variety of social posts, news feeds and websites I find that so much content is now paid for, with very subtle references to its commercial source. The media is selling its content so companies can promote themselves and disguise it as editorial, providing the reader with weak or highly biased content.

This made me think about the importance of quality information, real journalism, candid opinions and the opportunity to share an open transfer of knowledge and expertise through the vast network of industry experts we have access to.

So I’d like to make a very important statement and open an industry-wide invitation to anyone and everyone in our sector: Designers, Engineers, Architects, Technical Experts, Surveyors, Owners, Captains, Crew, Managers, Lawyers, Builders, Repairers, Sub-Contractors, Innovators, Creators, Regulators and anyone who has something interesting or relevant to say – this is now your

Yes, we have a very focused editorial team of journalists and market analysts, but if experts in our market want to tell their story or companies want to share their latest innovation or crew want to share their experience or candid opinions, then let’s provide a platform for all, with no commercial influence. No one should pay to publish something worth reading or worth sharing, so the future of is to create an open-source platform for anyone to be published, providing it is interesting and valuable to the reader.

We obviously reserve the right to edit accordingly, we reserve the right to reject something that is overtly commercial and self-promoting and we will research and analyse a submission that may need further explanation or investigation. If something is super contentious and litigious, we will do our homework before it goes live, but the strategy is very simple. With so many smart minds, great ideas and interesting opinions across the industry network that we work so closely with, why not let all these bright individuals use as their platform for knowledge transfer, in an open source, non-commercial way?

It is impossible for my team to write about everything that’s happening in our industry, but it’s completely possible for everyone in our industry to write about what’s happening in their sector. Even if English isn’t your first language or our style of writing doesn’t come naturally to you, share your ideas, opinions and content and we will make sure it makes sense and reads intelligently.

My team will review and edit accordingly and we will ensure becomes a pure and integrity driven Open Source real news platform that is not competing with the same amount of paid-for infomercials.

Whether it’s 300 words or 2,000 words, if it’s interesting, news worthy, relevant, candid, challenging, thought provoking and something worth reading, anyone in the industry can use to share your ideas: Please remember, images, drawings, white papers, video and any form of illustration will help tell the story. The best content will also appear in The Superyacht Report and everything we publish will be credited to the author with appropriate links.

Therefore, to make the best source of valuable information, expert insights and honest opinions, let’s make your news platform – for the industry by the industry – but most importantly “something worth reading” and not something that has been paid for or is designed to get the most clicks.

Our campaign of 2022 still remains today – “We don’t do clickbait!”.

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