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Digitising the superyacht experience with AcqueraPro

Acquera Yachting have introduced a slick new digital platform that drastically improves efficiency on board…

The superyacht industry is currently struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving digital era, and the indolence of the ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude simply doesn't pass muster. On the yachting side of operations, there is a stark inability to find reliable marina booking options as well as a lack of ease when it comes to communicating the details of a yacht and its various needs and requirements. This is why Acquera Yachting want to break down the barriers between owners, crew, and shoreside services to create a more dynamic and efficient form of communication between the various stakeholders of the yachting community.

The industry is notoriously insular and secretive in its essence, and while that helps to facilitate an air of exclusivity which helps attract new clients, it also hinders its evolutionary process. Through showcasing the industry's ability to adapt and accommodate digital solutions, not only does this enormously improve the way in which yachts operate and communicate, but it also helps to attract the next generation of clients and owners.

AcqueraPro, the new app designed by Acquera Yachting, has been built for the sole purpose of making life easier for operations onboard, whether it's the migration in and out of ports, filling out official documents, or keeping tabs of all the various services and expenses. The app also features a direct chat with local agents using geo-localization, making it easier and simpler to get in touch with the best person for each region.

The lack of data sharing and information is a very popular gripe for many stakeholders in the industry on both the shoreside and at sea. The majority of business gets done through word of mouth, and while it works for now, it is simply not sustainable given the speed at which the industry is growing and maturing. What's more, is that once traditional methods fade into the past, it will be the individuals and businesses who took the leap into the digital space today who will prevail and succeed over those who assumed nothing needed to change.

The digitalisation of operational practices will be a very welcome facet of the industry's wider evolution, not just for improving efficiency, but also for the human and environmental benefits that it brings. Rising ESG standards and stricter environmental regulations could spell trouble for the numerous businesses and vessels that rely on mounds of paperwork to get things done. 

Manual administration has become such a time-consuming task for many senior crew. It is almost as if it has taken over the very meaning of what it means to run and operate a superyacht. This administration overload often leads to a lack of customer management and care. The current model already falls far below the stratospheric standards of superyacht owners and guests who are expecting the highest quality of service at all times. Extensive waiting times on top of a lack of attention from the crew can make the difference between a good trip and a disastrous one.

It's easy to sit behind a computer and bang the same drum over and over, digitisation is a no-brainer, there's no doubt about it - and most people don’t need to be convinced either. According to a recent survey from Acquera, over 90 per cent of respondents said that they would use their new platform to optimise the main activities necessary for a cruise/port call. Moreover, roughly 85 per cent of respondents said that they would recommend the application to other colleagues in the superyacht industry.

The question is not how many people are aware of the potential benefits of digitalising the yachting experience. The technology is already existing thanks to companies such as Acquera Yachting, and the numerous benefits that these platforms bring now seem like obvious solutions rather than beguiling promises. The question now is who wants to be a part of a new wave in the operational sector and help drag yachting out of a bygone era and into the digital age?

If you are a crewmember that would like to sign up to AcqueraPro, you can receive one year of complimentary access to AcqueraPro in 2023 and if you refer a captain, they will also receive a discount of 30/50%.

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Digitising the superyacht experience with AcqueraPro


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