Fleet activity in the last week, from 30 July to 6 August, has seen a complete drop off in terms of new build deliveries and launches. However, the past week proved to be strong for the brokerage community. According to data provided by The Superyacht Agency there was not a single 30m-plus superyacht launched or delivered within this period, although there were 10 second-hand brokerage sales, accounting for nine per cent of the total projects sold in 2020.

While failing to deliver or launch any superyachts during this period clearly reflects poorly on the output of the new build market, there shouldn’t be too read into this anomalous week. New build activity throughout 2020 has generally been slow as a result of the COVID-19, but this poor weekly performance should not be any cause for concern. However, if this slow down in activity persists for an extended period, it may be indicative of a more profound market issue.

Unlike the new build sector, the brokerage market performed admirably last week recording 10 sales and accounting for around 13 per cent of the predicted final asking price sales in 2020. With an average final asking price of €11.6, there was a number of significant sales. However, it was the sales of Endeavour II, Grace and Iman, which sold for €23.7m, €23m and €23.5m respectively, that bolsters the sales figures. With 10 sales in a week, it clearly highlights that the desire to go superyachting has proved to be more resilient than many would have assumed when the severity of the coronavirus pandemic first became clear.

These data snapshots merely scratch the surface of The Superyacht Agency's Intelligence capabilities. Our analysis spans nearly three decades and every sector of the industry. If you have a bespoke Intelligence enquiry, please contact Russell Cockerton for more information on how we can support your strategic requirements.

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