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Codecasa unveils the Jet 2020 and Jet 50

Codecasa Shipyards has revealed two rather bizarre projects…

Codecasa Shipyards has revealed two rather bizarre projects, the Codecasa Jet 2020 and the Codecasa 50, set to further expand their line of luxurious superyachts. The Codecasa Jet 2020, which was designed by Fulvio Codecasa, is a unique yacht that breaks the traditional maritime style and draws inspiration from aviation design. The press release boasts that the design features soft curves and spacious interior and exterior areas. 

Designer Tommaso Spadolini has recently collaborated with Codecasa to make substantial changes to the external lines and the redistribution of the internal spaces, resulting in the primary feature of the yacht, the Master Suite, that spans two floors, providing ultimate privacy and comfort to its occupants.

Meanwhile, the Codecasa Jet 50 is a smaller version of the Codecasa Jet 2020, measuring 49.9 meters in length overall and with a gross tonnage under 500 tons. Despite its smaller size, the shipyard has claimed that the yacht will still offer the high-quality standards that Codecasa is famous for, equipped with the latest safety features and certifications from recognized international registers and flagships. 

The technical specifications of the new Codecasa Jet 50 are still being finalized, and more details will be announced soon. The superyacht industry has long been known for its emphasis on luxury and high-end design, with designers often drawing inspiration from the maritime tradition. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of yacht designers looking to other industries for inspiration, particularly aviation. This cross-industry inspiration has led to some truly unique and innovative superyachts, with several benefits for the industry.

One of the most significant advantages of drawing inspiration from aviation is the incorporation of aerodynamic design principles. While superyachts are not designed for flight, the aerodynamics of aviation design can be applied to improve the yacht's performance and speed through the water.

Aviation design can also inspire a more modern and cutting-edge aesthetic in superyacht design. While traditional maritime design can be timeless and elegant, it can also feel a bit outdated. Incorporating elements of aviation design, such as sleek curves and sharp lines, can give superyachts a more contemporary and futuristic feel. This can help yacht owners stand out from the crowd and appeal to a younger generation of buyers who are looking for something new and exciting.

Drawing inspiration from other industries, particularly aviation, can bring numerous benefits to the superyacht industry. From improved performance and efficiency to innovative and space-saving design solutions, incorporating aviation design principles can result in unique and cutting-edge superyachts that stand out from the crowd. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how designers continue to push the boundaries and find inspiration from new and unexpected sources.



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Codecasa unveil the Jet 2020 and Jet 50


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