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By Dario Schiavo

Baglietto: exploring tradition

We catch up with Fabio Ermetto in Milan to discuss Baglietto’s two new yacht lines, changing construction trends and the stability of the market…

Fabio Ermetto, CCO of Baglietto

At a press conference held in Milan yesterday (8 February), Baglietto unveiled two new product lines, crafted by Francesco Paszkowski Design, aimed at expanding the brand’s product range. This year also marks the 170th anniversary of the brand.

The FAST50 project, spanning 50 metres, serves as the flagship vessel of their fast, innovative and high-tech yachts, characteristics long associated with the La Spezia-based shipyard. Additionally, with the introduction of the new XO line of explorer yachts, the shipyard is venturing into a new segment, offering vessels designed for extended oceanic voyages worldwide.

We spoke with Fabio Ermetto, CCO of Baglietto, who confirmed the stability of the current market:

“If you just look at the numbers of the market you can see a decline, but I think it is a physiological dynamic, the so-called accordion effect, so many boats have been sold in the last few years and now we are seeing a decline that everyone expected, but that does not necessarily mean crisis,” he says.

“The numbers are still important, high, and if we link them to deliveries, which in many cases are long, you can see that they are still interesting numbers.” Demand is still there and remains stable, but many people have differing perceptions of the market depending on the segment in which they operate, he adds.

When following new market trends with interest, Ermetto confirms what other distinguished colleagues in the field have said. The market is seeing growth in customers seeking high levels of customisation, especially at “boutique” shipyards, which offer a more personalised and organisational approach.

“Customers are currently demanding shorter boats than before, but with large volumes and full customisation options,” explains Ermetto. “In terms of boat materials, metal remains the preferred choice, linked to high quality and construction standards. Fibreglass, on the other hand, is associated with large-scale production projects due to its rapid construction. Metal offers the potential for greater customisation, but the trade-off is that its production time and costs are higher than fibreglass.”

The Baglietto FAST50

Steel yachts, even under 50 metres, remain a core part of Baglietto’s practice, fitting into its established business model. “The new 35-metre Dom 115 represents a downsising that underscores this trend of smaller boats, steel yachts, with greater volume. Our customers want maximum customisation, and demand is growing, with more clients willing to invest especially in our 40 and 52-metre yachts.”

Since 2020, Baglietto has sold 30 yachts, of which the most successful models are the Dom 40 and T52, with 10 and 9 units sold respectively in three years, resulting in an order book of about 500 million euros.

The shipbuilder has also focused on investing in its infrastructure. At the La Spezia shipyard, it has increased production areas and installed a travel lift of nearly 1,800 tons. Further investments were made at the Marina di Carrara site, where new production areas were created, bringing Baglietto's production capacity up to seven yachts simultaneously.

Investments in hybrids are also proceeding with the Bzero project (the implementation of a hydrogen production module that from filtered and deionised seawater produces hydrogen) that has arrived at the commissioning stage both for power generation in the shipyard and for powering yachts from 60 metres; the last test on the prototype of the system will be in March and the first yachts in 2027.

The company has also expanded its reach with a new sales outlet in Australia with an associated after-sales office. A military division was also opened with the construction of ships for the Italian Navy.

The Baglietto XO

Regarding the shipyard’s latest models, its new 50m design, Fast50, marks the top of the range in the line of fast, innovative and technological offerings from the La Spezia brand. The first model was commissioned by shipyard owner Beniamino Gavio. The XO concept also launches Baglietto into the explorer yachts segment, with the X50 expected to be the first vessel to be completed.

“These new lines,” comments Baglietto’s CEO Diego Michele Deprati, “are the highest expression of Baglietto's core mission: innovating while also preserving tradition. Both projects are extremely innovative and set up Baglietto for even more success. Indeed, each and every one of our products look ahead at the future, often anticipating it, without ever losing sight of its DNA.”

Deprati himself affirmed Baglietto’s steadfast commitment to preserving its Italian heritage and maintaining independence from stock exchange listings and investment funds.

Baglietto’s introduction of its latest product lines, coupled with its dedication to blending innovation with tradition, underscores its lasting influence in the industry. As the shipyard commemorates its 170th anniversary, its adaptable approach is illustrative of its ability to navigate changing trends in a dynamic and competitive market. 

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Baglietto: exploring tradition


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