Two weeks after M/Y Nourah of Riyad, capsized at the Megatechnica shipyard in Perama, Greece, the recovery and stabilisation of the 70m vessel has now taken place, documented in this time-lapse video, below.

The incident reportedly occurred when the 70m superyacht was being lifted out of the water for anti-fouling works. According to The National Herald, an English-speaking Greek news channel, the boat was partially submerged at 45-degrees while the 12 crewmembers on board were able to safely leave the vessel.


Although this is yet to be confirmed by the shipyard, The National Herald has reported that damage was caused to the facilities of a neighbouring shipyard and to the equipment of an adjacent tourist boat that was dry docked next to Nourah of Riyad.

SuperyachtNews spoke to a Megatechnica representative via telephone regarding the stabilisation operation and is now in correspondence with the yard regarding developments.

According to The Superyacht Agency, Nourah of Riyad was the first yacht to be delivered by the Yay Gemi Yapim shipyard in 2008 situated in Kocaeli, Turkey. Designed by renowned superyacht designer, Donald Starkey Designs, the yacht was refitted and lengthened in May 2012 by five metres.

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