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Teakdecking Systems (TDS) is an innovative, employee-owned company that has pre-manufactured, installed, and distributed premium decking products for the global marine market since 1983. Products are crafted to the highest quality standards, using the best, legally obtained materials. TDS leads and influences the market with strict quality requirements, the highest level of ethics, a commitment to sustainability, passionate employees, and pinnacle service for customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, boatbuilders laboriously hand laid teak decks, one plank at a time. For builders, not only did this process take valuable time away from highly skilled workers, but it also tied up the vessel itself for an extensive period of time. That is until Teakdecking Systems revolutionized the industry by delivering large deck sections in panel form, pre-trimmed, and ready for installation. The installation process goes quickly, taking only a fraction of the time required for a hand-laid deck.

TDS uses only the highest quality, hand-selected vertical grain teak in the construction of our decks and installs using robust yet flexible epoxy adhesives to bond the teak panels to the vessel’s deck surfaces. This method virtually eliminates the risk of deck leak problems. Even if a caulk seam should fail, the backing that the teak battens are bonded to serves as an additional barrier to water penetration. We are also the only deck builder that uses all of our own products, from fabrication through installation. Meaning we "own it" and cannot identify another supplier or vendor for any failure.

The installation of a Teakdecking Systems teak or composite deck can take place anywhere in the world, using our own technicians, our customer’ shipwrights, or a combination of both. Today, our products used in the construction and installation of our decks are purchased and used by many of our competitors, yacht builders, and captains alike. They choose TDS for all their teak and composite decking needs because of our quality, worldwide service, and warranty.

Contact us for information on how our systems and products can enhance your vessel's value, beauty, comfort, safety, and longevity.




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