Shipyard Supply Co., sister company of Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT), is now coming to the end of its second financial year, and has seen a steadily increasing appetite from the market for its high-quality deck products.

“We are really seeing great traction now and are beginning to expand the business,” begins Luke Porter, commercial manager at Shipyard Supply Co. “We have seen a 35 per cent growth rate from one year to the next, and for the first time we are able to start modelling for the years ahead, based on the same predicted growth rate,” he added.

While Shipyard Supply Co is in the early phases of its strong but manageable organic growth, there is now an opportunity to grow in terms of personnel while still offering a high-quality service to its clients. “We are defining who we are more and more, but our focus very much remains on the products we design and develop in house. We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’, and this is appealing for new- build projects who want to invest in a trusted supplier,” outlines Porter.

One of the many aspects of the business that Porter and his team look forward to are the custom projects they work on. “There are three facets to our business: our standard off-the-shelf deck products, many of which we hold in stock; the procurement of third- party products; then the custom side where we work closely with a client to design something very specific to their requirements. We enjoy these projects as we get to break new ground and often generate ideas that can be used to create a more standard offering to other clients,” adds Porter.

Shipyard Supply Co is the go-to supplier for tender whips, and has just launched its carbon whips for clients who want something a little extra special, but have also recently completed a different product in carbon. “We’ve just completed a set of very lightweight carbon chocks for a client. SYTT supplied the RS Aero dinghies, and then we designed and built a set of carbon chocks, which perfectly illustrates the synergy between the two businesses – we are building the ancillary kit for many of SYTT’s clients."

An exciting project for Porter has recently arrived in the form of a request from an owner-driver who is seeking a sun lounger that is integrated into the jet-ski cradles. “The idea is to launch the jet skis off the sun deck, leave the cradles in place and then have an integrated sun lounger that connects to the cradles. In this instance of little to no crew on board it means that the set- up is as easy as possible, utilising space and reducing the amount of work involved for the owner and his guests,” Porter illustrates. The request is currently still in the concept design stage, as the mothership is only just going into build.

In addition to unique requests from owners such as the above, the continuing rise in the explorer vessel, and the support vessels that go alongside them, has signalled a new era of opportunity for Shipyard Supply Co. vis-a`-vis superyacht garage space. “There’s a lot of potential for us to support these vessels in terms of ancillary products, with scope to supply different solutions and custom solutions for the products on board,” Porter concludes. 

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