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Perhaps for the first time in its history, the superyacht industry is evolving with a sense of clarity. A far cry from the juvenile industry that once relied on backscratching, black books and blind eyes from various authorities, today’s industry, across all sectors, relies increasingly on data, truth, integrity and objective analysis, and there remains only one legitimate resource to receive business-critical information – The Superyacht Group. We are committed to providing the market with transparent journalism, trusted analysis and an essential platform to share ideas that will ultimately drive the industry forward and grow our market.

Our mission is a simple concept, but tremendously difficult in practice; to provide a platform that supports the long-term prosperity and ethical success of the superyacht community. At times, the notion of supporting the industry can be misunderstood by elements of the yachting community. Supporting the market’s prosperity and success does not mean creating an open platform for jargon and half-truths. True growth and success require more than just positivity, it requires the creation, dissemination and consumption of business-critical information on the part of an engaged community.

Such information does not simply fall into one’s lap. The process of creating and disseminating business-critical information is time-consuming and complex, but nevertheless incredibly rewarding.

Businesses big and small have taken the opportunity to step back during the pandemic, take stock and plan for their long-term development and future success, and The Superyacht Agency has been with them all the way. As a direct result of the superyacht community’s growing appreciation for research, analysis and business-essential conclusions, our consultancy business is busier than ever and in order to better support the community we are adding further quality to our roster with a series of new hires and projects (to be announced soon).

Truth, integrity and analysis are all well and good, but they must be underpinned by quality. In unskilled hands, numbers and opinions can do more harm to businesses than good. Over the last three decades, The Superyacht Group has built its business around a superyacht community and core team that is second to none. We have a network of advisors, intermediaries and influencers that have been shaped into a powerful, connected, collaborative and inclusive community, which will be launching on 1 July 2021.

We have One Community and the essential content it creates is not subservient to the discourse of large organisations, nor is it reliant on the opinions of the few. This One Community is open to all those who value the pillars of truth, integrity, objectivity and quality. We are going to continue doing what we do best by avoiding the gimmicks and novelties that appear all too often and by focussing on quality news, in-depth reports and a thriving consultancy business, all with a mind to supporting the growth and prosperity of One Community.

We are One Industry, with One Mission and One Community...coming soon.

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