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Cold fogging for superyacht disinfection

In light of the pandemic, Cleanmarine GmbH is offering a process for residue-free disinfection of yacht interiors…

Cleaning standards have always been high on board superyachts, but the cleaning and disinfection of objects and surfaces, as well as the air in a room, is a particular challenge for the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. As scientists have discovered, the coronavirus is mainly spread via droplet infection and aerosols (tiny particles suspended in the air) can also transmit the virus and sometimes stay in the air for hours.

While wipe and spray disinfection is effective for cleaning surfaces, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) cold fogging can disinfect the air in a room, including its aerosols. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cleanmarine is offering H202 cold nebulization as a safe and certifiable solution that reliably kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

The process works by using a special nozzle that atomises the active ingredient, H2O2, very finely. This way a residue-free disinfection of all surfaces, technical devices, walls, fabrics and the room air takes place. The mobile nebulization process can be adapted to the diverse requirements of environmental hygiene such as room size, relative humidity, temperature, germ spectrum and material compatibility. This technology was first approved in the USA in 1985. 

Cleanmarine specialises in cleaning solutions and the care of interiors on board superyachts. With H2O2 disinfection, Cleanmarine complements its existing portfolio with an effective and sustainable cabin and room preparation in accordance with the EN standard.

“The superyacht industry is a very special niche market and places high demands on the quality and service of every company,” says André Kohnen, managing director of Cleanmarine GmbH. “This means that new trends are quickly picked up and implemented and new market potentials quickly emerge.”

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Cold fogging for superyacht disinfection


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