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Time to shine

CeraShield’s Duplex system protects new paint during the outfitting stage, preventing any degrading of the paint system prior to delivery…

Having built its reputation in the application of premium ceramic coatings to enhance the performance and protection of superyacht exterior and interior paint, glass and stainless steel, CeraShield is now making strides in the new build sector. The company has recently announced its Duplex system – a thin and durable ceramic coating developed to bolster the gloss and longevity of superyacht paint – and revealed the solution’s specific benefits for superyachts fresh out of the build shed.

“There are more superyachts being built over 100 metres, and these projects are launched out of the build shed only to spend one or two years outside on the river during the outfitting stage where the new paint is deteriorating all the time,” explains Andy Williams, co-director at CeraShield. “But applying the Duplex system to the new paint would have a twofold effect: it will act as a sacrificial coating, preventing the paint from deteriorating, and add longevity to the paint system. So, once the boat is finally delivered to the owner, they will have a full paint job that hasn’t deteriorated.”

As such, CeraShield is currently in discussions with several high-end northern European shipyards which intend to include the Duplex system in the initial options list for their new-build clients. And, if these clients adopt the solution and choose to maintain it by topping it up in areas as required, the paint system underneath will continue to be protected.

The value of CeraShield’s expertise in ceramic coatings is being recognised elsewhere in the industry. Following several successfully completed projects with Storm, CeraShield has entered an exciting new partnership with the Italian superyacht finishing company. As part of the collaboration, CeraShield has rigorously trained certain members of the Storm team to apply its Duplex system. As a result, Storm can now offer the professional application of CeraShield’s ceramic coatings to superyacht clients in Italy. The same goes for Eclipse Marine in Thailand, which also has a fully trained team of CeraShield applicators and have undertaken numerous high-end CeraShield applications on superyachts in Southeast Asia.

As a bonus for clients working directly with CeraShield, Pinpoint Works is now being used as an effective project management App on all its projects. The software has been in use during projects over the last year and means that, as soon as CeraShield starts a new project, the client is invited via Pinpoint Works to view the project’s progress, including daily progress reports and before and after readings.

“Whether it be the yacht’s owner, management company or captain, they can go into the App every day and see exactly what stage the project is at, how much progress we’ve made and whether we’ve come up against any obstacles,” adds Williams. “For the owner’s team, it’s extremely beneficial to be able to go into the App, look at the GA of the vessel, and see which areas are being worked on that day, as well as the relevant progress pictures that have been taken.”

Following the company’s growing business ventures, CeraShield is also pleased to introduce a new addition to the European sales team, Aina Rodriguez. A familiar face in the industry, Rodriguez joins the existing team, including Claire Steel, Andy Williams, Dermot Crotty and Leah Lapwood, and will be focusing on France, Italy and Spain, developing new opportunities, as well as continuing relationships in shipyards, for refit and repair services across Europe.

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Time to shine


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