Boero has launched its new market-leading topcoat system. The Challenger PRO range has been developed specifically for the superyacht market.

“With Challenger PRO we can apply three different types of topcoat,” explains Cristiano Bighetti R&D, technical & product manager for Boero’s yachting division. “One is solid colour direct gloss, another is solid colour with clear coat and the third is the effect colour (pearlescent and metallic) with clearcoat. If the customer chooses solid they can have white, blue, red or any other colour; if they choose metallic or pearlescent they can create a special effect like, for example, the Italian pavilion in Dubai.”

The pavilion Bighetti refers to is the Italian pavilion at the 2020 Dubai EXPO, where Boero created a special colour scheme for the coating of the pavilion’s roof. It was a more challenging task than it may first appear because of the extreme conditions the topcoat is exposed to, being as it is, under extreme daylight heat and sun, and then facing a dramatic drop in temperature when night falls, as well as a level of humidity regularly pushing 95 per cent.

The brief was not only to provide a robust and reliable topcoat, but to deliver a unique colour scheme that resembled not only the colours of the Italian flag, but that the white section produced the same shimmered effects as a fluffy white cloud in the sky.

The Challenger PRO range comprises Direct Gloss, Two-Layer and Special Effect versions and is now available to superyacht clients.

“We do not just sell topcoats; we sell the total paint package, from the primer, filler to the undercoat and topcoat. And where possible we recommend clients to purchase the complete package,” Bighetti explains. “Challenger PRO has permitted us to develop 200,000 colour formulas and we can also undertake touch-up work.

“Historically, with superyacht paint there were only two popular colours – white and blue – but now clients are seeking greater customisation and this can make repair work harder. So we have worked to produce a product that is easy to touch up if there is damage or wear.”

Bighetti says that the ultimate aim with the Challenger PRO is to deliver a versatile topcoat that can meet the demands of any client. And with the sheer number of nuances to both the colour scheme and effects that this adaptable range can offer, the Challenger PRO is truly reflective of the bespoke level of quality demanded by today’s superyacht clients.

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