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The real impact of ceramic coatings

At TSF we plan to dissect the idiosyncrasies of cosmetic solutions to decipher if they are good or bad…

The superyacht industry is a perennial sieve for cutting edge-technologies, with applications the length and breadth of the vessel. But, there are some which have been developed that have the potential to do more harm than good. Disguised by complex jargon and marketing lingo, when it comes to new technologies, the expertise lies with the manufacturer upon which the industry must rely on, which can understandably result in a degree of confusion and misinformation.

As we focus on ‘Building for the Next Generation’ at The Superyacht Forum we intend to clarify the inner workings of the industry through a series of pressing and essential debate to lay the foundations for the future. And among the most controversial are ceramic- and nano-coatings - both of which are a vital area of debate, with expert opinions on whether cosmetic solutions are, indeed, good or bad for the overall paint system.

On Tuesday 19th November, the second day of The Superyacht Forum, a panel of coatings experts will dissect the idiosyncrasies of Topcoat Treatment Products (TTPs) to deduce what the industry really needs to know about this relatively new breed of coatings, while providing some vital clarification from a panel of reliable sources of information.

A presentation provided by CCS states that “the rationale behind investing in increased paint longevity is simple: the cost involved in the repaint of a yacht is substantial. In addition, you’re hardly guaranteed a perfect paint finish, being at the mercy again of shipyards, paint contractors and paint products with changing formulations etc. In short, painting a yacht is still a headache, and being able to postpone the process is an attractive proposition.”

CCS’ founder and coatings expert, Paul Bournas will make up a key element of and extremely strong panel - alongside Rory Marshall, founder of Newmar Overseas, Kay-Johannes Wrede of Wrede Consulting, Rupert Savage Managing Director of GYG, and Peter Bergsma of Yacht CSI.

The ultimate goal in this debate, of course, is to highlight the most efficient process to extend the lifespan of a paint job, thus extending the maintenance cycle and reducing costs.

However, there is confusion surrounding the choices that the industry needs to make. There are a number of difficult and key decisions to be made, such as the choice between polymer and ceramic coatings, both of which offer their own benefits and drawbacks.

There are a lot of variables at play in this crucial industry discipline, which means that now, more than ever, is the time where the industry needs to be given the clarification, transparency and conclusive information to make correct decisions when it comes to advising their clients on what is among the most sizeable constituent investments aboard a vessel.

As highlighted by Bournas, there is a worrying “knowledge deficit” as TTPs grow in popularity, which is why at The Superyacht Forum the issues will be faced head on as we highlight the real impact on base coats to decipher if they are indeed a solution or problem.

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The real impact of ceramic coatings


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