“Having been an ETO for seven years, Bond was created to solve a single problem. After a three-year build project, how could people get it so wrong?” asks Will Faimatea, founder & director of Bond Technology Management & Consultancy. “As an ETO I grew tired of being blamed for technology not performing as it should – especially when guests were on board – when the issues lay with the technology itself. Had anyone actually taken the time to ask the owner what they wanted?”

The superyacht industry often proudly proclaims to be at the forefront of technological integration, however, it is not uncommon to find a disconnect between what owner’s and guests expect and what is delivered. The fault, it must be said, does not lie with any particular party; rather, there is a space in between the shipyards, designers, integrators and owners that, when left unfilled, can yield poor results.

“The most important element of any AV/IT project is to get it right for the principal. Whereas AV systems were once considered luxurious additions to a project, today entertainment and connectivity are like running water – it needs to work all the time and it should never run out,” continues Faimatea. “When Bond was first created there were no technological consultants. Today, clients invest a significant amount of time and money in their AV/IT systems, getting it wrong is not an option.”

Will Faimatea, founder & director of Bond Technology Management & Consultancy

In recent years, the complexity of on board AV/IT systems has grown astronomically and so has their primacy. Consultation, installation and delivery, however, is just part of the technological lifecycle. With owners and guests notoriously cash-rich and time-poor, it is paramount that the systems continue to work year-round and, in the event of a systems failure, that advisory teams and management are on hand day and night to resolve the issues.

“Support is a critical element of the superyacht experience. The superyacht industry does not shut down at the weekend. When a vessel requires assistance, it requires assistance immediately. Waiting around is not acceptable,” explains Faimatea. “Consultancy and delivery are just the beginning, management and support are essential and Bond provides the shore-side constant for ETOs.”

Simply put, it is unacceptable for AV/IT systems not to be functioning optimally, Bond TM has built its reputation on ensuring that the disconnect between expectation and delivery is bridged.  

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