- Technology - Quantum Marine Stabilizers launches rack and pinion 'R Series’

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Quantum Marine Stabilizers launches rack and pinion ‘R Series’

The refined rack and pinion actuator is designed to maximize the performance of fixed and XT™ Fins…

The necessity to ensure comfort for owners and guests has been a driving force in innovative technological advancements for superyacht stabilizers. The new rack and pinion actuator designed by Quantum Marine Stabalizers allows fins to gain a wider range of motion in order to improve zero speed performance. In certain applications, swing capacity can be increased by up to 45 degrees in each direction. The new design maximises the performance of fixed and XT™ Fins and follows the launch of the MAGLift™ Rotor.

The actuator has been engineered and refined through the use of computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and independent model testing. Apart from improved performance, the ‘R series’ also appears to allow for a number of maintenance and cost benefits. The hydraulic cylinders can be built in place, without having to remove heavy cylinders from inside the vessel, and, once installed, has a maintenance schedule of 15,000 hours for main bearing replacement.
The new design provides a solution to turbulence as migration patterns show superyachts are flocking to the Pacific Ocean and looking to reach more remote locations than the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Quantum Marine Stabilizers have also ensured that there is less wear and tear on the stabilizer through implementing an even distribution of torque on both sides of the gear wheel.
An automated mechanical locking pin is also featured to support maintenance operations and any emergency situations. Rapid acting relief valves also protect the hull unit and hydraulic system should the vessel encounter any unexpected impact, broaching or slamming loads.

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