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MAN 175D is HVO ready

MAN Energy Solutions has announced that its MAN 175D engine is formally approved for operation on biofuels, effective immediately…

MAN Energy Solutions announces that its MAN 175D engine is now officially approved for operation on biofuels. The certification applies to all standard biofuels, including HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) fuels, with up to 100% content. According to a statement to the media, the engine requires no technical adjustments following the announcement.

Florian Keiler, Head of High-Speed Sales at MAN Energy Solutions, states: “MAN Energy Solutions is dedicated to preparing its engines for operation on future and sustainable fuels, and the MAN 175D is no exception. Several such units have already been running on up to B30 biofuel in commercial and governmental applications for several years. Our experience has shown that the 175D does not suffer any loss in performance when using these fuels.” He adds that only a few engine components experience slightly higher wear, depending on the amount of biofuel and the duration of operation. For uninterrupted engine operation, only minor adaptations of the fuel-treatment system are necessary.

The use of biofuels in superyachts is becoming an increasingly viable alternative due to the growing concern for environmental sustainability in the industry. As superyachts consume large amounts of fuel, shifting to cleaner energy sources can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Biofuels, such as HVO and FAME, are made from renewable sources like vegetable oils and animal fats, making them more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to traditional fossil fuels, although the overall impact of these relying on these feedstocks is complex. 

However, as reiterated by MAN Energy Solutions, FAME fuels have a lower energy content, which would cause the engine's Maximum Continuous Rating (MCR) to drop if no correction measures were applied. To address this issue, MAN Energy Solutions has developed a Fuel Adaption Control solution that allows load correction, ensuring full MCR power even when operating with 100% FAME fuels.

The MAN 175D engine range was designed to complement and complete MAN Energy Solutions' product portfolio in the maritime sector. Available in three variants with 12, 16, and 20 cylinders, the engine offers an output ranging from 1,500 to 4,400 Kilowatts. It is optimized for propelling ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats, and other working vessels. Additional specialist model versions serve other market areas, including superyachts and naval marine applications.

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MAN 175D is HVO ready


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